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Wixie to be a part of Baltimore County’s BCPS One


The Baltimore County Board of Education has approved a contract with Tech4Learning to provide elementary and middle school students throughout the county with access to Wixie as part of the BCPS S.T.A.T (Students & Teachers Accessing Technology) initiative.

Wixie is a publishing and creativity platform used by students to demonstrate their content knowledge and showcase their creativity. Students can access Wixie online from school or home on a wide variety of devices. BCPS One supports the Instructional Digital Conversion at Baltimore County Public Schools whereby all students will be able to engage and access personalized learning in the classroom using electronic devices.

"Baltimore County is excited to expand our long-standing relationship with Tech4Learning by providing access to Wixie for all of our elementary and middle schools students.  Wixie is the ideal tool for our students to use to demonstrate creativity and share learning," shares Ryan Imbriale, Executive Director of the Department of Digital Learning at Baltimore County Public Schools.

The contract between BCPS and Tech4learning will provide for access to Wixie to students for the next 10 years. “Tech4Learning is thrilled that we will continue to be a part of the BCPS student experience as they migrate to digital learning,” said David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning.

Wixie will be integrated with the BCPS One learning management system to provide a seamless experience to students with content, resources, and creativity.

To learn more about BCPS One, visit: 

To learn more about Wixie, visit:





Wixie update now includes integration with Gaggle


Wixie iconTech4Learning is making it easier for schools and districts to get up and running with Wixie by integrating their service with Gaggle’s Partner Program.

Wixie is a student publishing and creativity platform. Gaggle is a safe, online teaching and learning platform for K-12. With this integration, schools and districts will be able to add users to Wixie through their existing Gaggle accounts and provide a Single-Sign-On (SSO) between the two programs.

“If a Gaggle school district buys Wixie , we can now help them set up their Wixie accounts for free. It’s good karma. With partnerships like this one, educators benefit from easier setup and integrated systems,” said Jeff Patterson, Gaggle’s CEO and founder.

“When platforms are integrated with one another, students and staff have a more seamless experience with the technology and can focus on classroom learning and the curriculum,” shared David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning.

Once the connection has been, schools and districts will be able to manage Wixie through their Gaggle account while Wixie will automatically keep the data up-to-date. The integration creates efficiencies for schools and districts by only needing to update one system.

About Gaggle

Gaggle logoSpecifically created for K-12, Gaggle features built-in processes and classroom workflows designed to promote educator and student productivity. Teachers can easily create, assign, collect and correct assignments on their schedule, while promoting student engagement and embracing the benefits of social networking in a safe and controlled environment.

Gaggle has won numerous industry awards, including District Administration Magazine 2013 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Product and a 2012 CODiE Award Winner for Best Cross-Curricular Solution. For more information, visit or call 800-288-7750

Tech4Learning adds project evaluation tools to Wixie


Tech4Learning has updated Wixie to include tools that help teachers combine assignments and assessments to evaluate student performances for Common Core Standards.


Wixie by Tech4LearningWixie is a cloud-based tool students can use to paint pictures, write stories, and record their voice to explore the curriculum and demonstrate mastery.  Teachers can log in to find, create, or assign new activities, evaluate student work, and view student progress toward standards mastery.

Using the updated Wixie dashboard, teachers can now create, modify, and assign assessments to activities and original student work. “Wixie is the perfect tool for today’s digital learners, who need to create, not just consume,” explains David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning. “Wixie's new evaluation tools now provide a concrete way to evaluate these student performances and demonstrations of understanding.”

Wixie's evaluation tools
Wixie comes with a library of hundreds of activities that include appropriate assessments, such as rubrics or Done-Try Again evaluations, as well as correlations to Common Core Standards. Teachers can use or customize these, as well as create their own.

“Teachers can start by exploring and assigning standards-based activities from the library, or jump in and design open-ended projects with comprehensive performance assessments,” shares Melinda Kolk, Director of Curriculum at Tech4Learning. “Wixie includes an entire system teachers can use to plan, implement, and evaluate student work!” 

To learn more about the student authoring and teacher tools available in Wixie, visit:

Tech4Learning releases version 4 of authoring software Share


Share 4 - author interactive projects and portfoliosAs an award-winning leader in providing 21st century tools, Tech4Learning announces the release of Share 4, software secondary students use to build media literacy as they actively engage with classroom content.

Share is authoring software that lets students combine text, graphics, movies, and animations to show mastery and understanding. Students synthesize content and communicate ideas through interactive presentations, brochures, web sites, and digital portfolios.

“Share has always let students author classroom projects,” shares Tech4Learning CEO, David Wagner. “With Share 4 they can now collaborate on projects in real-time, as well as save and publish their work in the cloud giving them a global, authentic audience.”

Share - interface

Laura Spencer, Coordinator of Instructional Technology for Santee School District in California explains, “It has never been easier to provide students an opportunity to create, publish, and share their creativity.  Share is a must have 21st century tool!”

To learn more about Share, visit the Tech4Learning web site at:


Tech4Learning releases Pixie Home Edition


Tech4Learning has released the Pixie Home Edition, a trimmed-down version of the award-winning Pixie software,  that provides an affordable ($19.95 on Amazon) way to continue the learning at home.  Research shows Pixie improves student achievement at school, and now families can promote the same great learning through creativity at home.

Pixie Home EditionPixie is exciting creativity software that students can use to share their ideas and imagination through painting, combining art, writing, and voice narration. Pixie is a standard software on elementary computers in districts across the United States.  “Millions of students use Pixie at school,” shares CEO David Wagner. “We wanted to bring that same creativity and excitement to the home.” Tech4Learning has also developed free Parent Guides for Pixie that include specific activities in for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

“My son really enjoys creating pictures and using all of Pixie‘s cool features.  I really like the fact that he can navigate through the program by himself. It was all he talked about when he came home from school last year, and now he gets to enjoy it at home and it didn’t cost us a fortune!” shares parent Susie Winters.

Additional information about Pixie Home Edition is available  at:

Tech4Learning releases Common Core guides for Pixie


Tech4Learning has released Common Core Curriculum Guides for Pixie to help K-5 educators align creativity, their curriculum, and the Common Core Standards.

pixie common core guidesThe guides include over 100 pages of activities, lesson plans, and classroom stories that provide ideas and strategies for using the creative technology tools in Pixie to meet the Common Core learning goals.

Pixie is educational software students use to share their ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images.

 “Many of our customers are grappling with how best to implement Common Core Standards in a way that addresses 21st century skills,” explains David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning.  “We put together guides that highlight activities and lessons educators can use to meet the goals of the standards through creative work with technology.”

The Common Core Guides for Pixie include:

  • activities and classroom procedures that meet the new standards for grades K-5,
  • success stories from educators already using Pixie to meet Common Core goals, and
  • creative, high-level lesson plans that engage students and meet multiple standards.

“The guides provide examples of great projects that are already occurring in classrooms around the country,” shared Melinda Kolk, Director of Professional Development. “We hope these stories will inspire even more teachers to engage students in high-level, creative project work.”

More information on the common core guides can be found at: or by contacting Kristen Yazbek at 877-834-5453.


Wixie release integrates Common Core Standards


Tech4Learning has released an update to Wixie that makes it easy to track student progress toward achievement of Common Core Standards.  Wixie is an authoring tool students can use to paint pictures, write stories, and record their voice to explore the curriculum and demonstrate mastery.

With the update, teachers can assign activities specific to Common Core Standards and attach Common Core Standards to student projects in Wixie. Teachers can track progress towards the standards and assign activities to individual students in order to develop mastery.

“Hundreds of the activities in Wixie have been correlated to Common Core Standards,” shares Melinda Kolk, Director of Curriculum Development at Tech4Learning, “and Wixie’s new management tools make it easy for teachers and administrators to view and evaluate student work, and differentiate instruction as students progress toward mastery of these standards.”

“With the addition of the Common Core Standards, Wixie continues to evolve as a core curriculum product, instead of nice to have technology supplement,” explains David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning.

Because Wixie is a cloud-based product, the Common Core integration with Wixie is immediately available to all current Wixie subscribers.

More information about Wixie is available at: or by contacting Kristen Yazbek at 8778345453.

Wixie leads off T.H.E. Journal Article on Cloud Computing!


In an article highlighting how cloud-based computing is moving beyond administration to promoting student collaboration and creativity, Wixie leads the way. The articles highlights projects done at Meiklejohn Elementary School in Arvada, Colorado where the 4th graders design lessons for their Kindergarten buddies.

Wixie sample 4th grader lessonMelissa Swenson, the Library Media Specialist for Meiklejohn Elementary School, finds that with the use of Wixie,  “students are able to communicate their understanding of content in a more deep and rich way.”

Read the entire article!

Wixie is available to students 24/7 wherever they have Internet access.  Students can extend their learning outside the classroom making it an essential 21st century productivity tool. Educators also have the ability to manage student work, assign projects, and share student work instantaneously with a unique URL and/or embed code.  Parents, too, can now post their child’s work to their own web site or blog. 

Currently 6 schools in Jefferson County Publis Schools are JEFFCO piloting Wixie for improved student engagement and productivity.

Parent Guides for Pixie Support Summer Learning


Tech4Learning has released a series of parent guides for Pixie, its most popular classroom product. Available for kindergarten through fifth grade, the parent guides include specific and practical Pixie activities across the curriculum for parents to work on at home with their child.

Pixie Parent Guide

“Not only is Pixie the perfect tool to support learning in the classroom, it transitions easily into the home,” explains David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning. “At home, rather than consuming computer games, Pixie encourages kids to create – create artwork, stories, diagrams, designs, and much more.”

If students use Pixie at school, parents are able to purchase Pixie, and other Tech4Learning software tools at significant savings, making it easy and affordable for children to continue their learning at home with the same tools they use at school.

With the release of these free Pixie parent guides online, parents of elementary age students have a handbook for activities to complete with their child to help maintain current academic skills and avoid the summer slide. Parent guides are available at no charge from the Tech4Learning web site at:

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