Run Wixie on your iPad or Android Tablet!

Wixie can help you transform your tablets from media consumption to media production. Wixie is a cloud-based authoring tool students can use to paint pictures, write stories, and record their voice. Wixie will also work on iPads and Android tablets!

  Schools can use one device for many students
  Students begin working by logging in to their Wixie account, so a device can be used by multiple students, allowing you to maximize your limited hardware budget.
  Students can use many devices for one project
  Students don’t need to wait for an available tablet, or worry about having theirs lost, stolen, or broken. Because they are working in the cloud, students can change devices or location as needed.
  Students can share without synching
  Student work is stored in the cloud, so students can share their work without the hassle of synching. Student work is stored automatically and available online for immediate viewing.
  Teachers can easily manage classroom projects
  Wixie looks the same whether students are working on iPads, Android tablets, or desktop computers. In a room of mixed devices, teachers only need to give one set of instructions.
  Teachers can evaluate student work anywhere
  Teachers have immediate access to student work to judge progress on assignments, score completed projects against a rubric, or track student progress on Common Core Standards.
  Districts can buy Wixie with easy per student licensing
  Wixie is licensed using a straight-forward per-student model, so you don’t have to navigate complex volume license programs.

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