5 Halloween activities that build essential math foundations

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Oct 26, 2020 11:30:40 AM

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year. With witches brewing their potions, zombies dusting off their threads, and werewolves ready for a howling good time, it’s easy to capitalize on your student's excitement.

Use these Halloween-themed activities in the Wixie Curriculum and Templates libraries to provide students practice with counting, sorting, working with shapes, displaying data, and more.

Count scary objects

Looking for a fun performance assessment for both counting and one-to-one correspondence? Search "scary" at your Wixie home page to find and assign the Scary Count* activity, which asks students to drag a specific number of Halloween-themed objects to complete a scary scene. 

*Select the link above (and all links in this blog) to view the file, and then use the Log In button. Next, go to the File menu and select Copy to My Projects to add the file to your personal Wixie account. 

When they are done, students can use the microphone tool to record a description of their scene or even tell a scary story.

Demonstrate number sense with 13 days of Halloween

Get students excited about counting! Students practice counting through the creation of a 13-days of Halloween project. You can search “Halloween” to find a template to assign that includes 13 pages with text objects already on each page.

Students can use Wixie's built-in paint tools and Halloween stickers to quickly show the number of Halloween characters for their day. They can use the text tools to type their number and the microphone to record their voice on their page.

If you are working with preschool students, you may want to divide up the tasks. You can open the template and use the Team button to add all of your students and collaborate on the project. You can also assign a single page to each student and then use the Import Pages feature to combine individual student pages together into a class book.

Identify and combine shapes into monsters

Standards state that primary learners should be able to "correctly name shapes" as well as build "shapes from components and drawing shapes." To engage students in these essential geometry standards, ask them to create a monster using basic shapes for body parts. 


In Wixie's Shape Monster template, students use the Image button to add shapes. When they select the Image button, a folder of basic shape stickers will show automatically.

Analyze data with a favorite candy bar graph

Bags filled with candy is the highlight and hallmark of a successful Halloween for many students, but everyone's specific candy preference is different. Have students conduct a survey with classmates about which candy is their favorite and display data in a Favorite Halloween Candy bar graph.


Survey your class to narrow down choices and change the images at the bottom before assigning this template. You can also customize your own bar graph or encourage students to edit the categories on their own.

Depending on the age of your students, you can adjust how you implement this project. With young students, open in your teacher account and share on an interactive whiteboard. Have students come up one at a time to fill a square with color showing their preference. Use the Team feature to have older students collaborate on a bar graph together, designing and labeling the axes and completing the data from their survey.

Build logic with sudoku games

Sudoku is a game of logic where numbers are placed in a grid so that each row, column, and sub-grid have only one of each number. Sudoku can also be created and solved using pictures in place of numbers, but the logic skills required remain the same.

Sudoku is a great example of play that builds essential math skills. To solve a sudoku with numbers or pictures, students must count objects and compare sets of objects.


The October Month-by-Month folder in the Wixie Curriculum library contains two Halloween-themed sudoku image games you can assign. The 4x4 sudoku and 6x6 sudoku work great as bell-ringer activities.

Even more ideas

Simply browse Wixie's October Month-by-Month folder to find even more math activities connected to Halloween, including sorting, patterns, and ordinal numbers.


Happy Halloween!

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