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Software for student publishing and creativity.

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Online student publishing and creativity platform.

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Create animations, digital stories, and stop-motion.

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Software for student publishing and creativity.

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Online student publishing and creativity platform.

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Create animations, digital stories, and stop-motion.

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Create web sites, epubs, and presentations.

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ABC's of Wixie - 26 Ideas to Engage and Delight

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Apr 28, 2021 4:30:00 PM

Editor's Note: Instructional Technology Teacher, Rachel Gelinas, of Howard County Schools in Maryland, shared these fun ABC's of Wixie in her webinar. She worked with Carolyn Daly to turn them into a blog.

Enjoy these 26 ideas/tools/strategies to implement into your classroom lessons and make learning with Wixie as easy as A-B-C!

A is for assignments

Wixie makes it easy to assign templates to a specific class or individual students so you can streamline and differentiate the curriculum.


B is for backgrounds

Wixie includes beautiful background pictures students can layer behind text, images, and voice to create digital stories. 


C is for Collaboration

Students can collaborate in real-time using the Team feature to collectively build upon each other’s skills and talents.


The team feature is also a great way to work collaboratively with a student, especially when they are learning remotely. Open the activity you want to complete together and use the Team feature to add the student to the project. This way you can both work on the activity at the same time during a one-on-one call or video conference.  

D is for duplication

Working on differentiating activities or copying pages? Use the Duplicate feature for files, pages, or objects to save time and energy.

E is for everyone

Young and old, all learning styles, students and teachers -- everyone can use Wixie to share their unique skills and voice! 

F is for the Fill tool

Use the paint bucket to quickly color pages and objects with solid colors, gradients, and textures.


G is for gluing

Did you know you can use the Glue options to lock objects down stickers so you can paint and transform them into unique designs? Yet another reason Wixie is so flexible and powerful.

H is for help

Yes, there is a help tool in Wixie, but more importantly, Wixie helps all students foster creativity and allows them to think, play, choose, cultivate, wonder, act, imagine and make in Wixie. 


I is for images

Wixie includes an integrated library of authentic images and clipart. Just use the Image button to access clip art and photos for the visual you need to support your message or learning objective.


J is for jiggling

Wixie collects students' work in one place for easy viewing, commenting, and assessing project work. 


K is for keeping track

Wixie makes it easy to view student work in one place, as well as see an overview of the progress of all students on an assignment. You can even mark student work complete to know you have evaluated and provided feedback. 

L is for locking objects

Did you know you can lock an object into place? This is especially helpful when you are designing assignments and want to make it easy for students to focus as they complete an activity. 

M is for month-by-month

Wixie has Curriculum and Template libraries with thousands of standards-based activities. The Month-by-Month templates support engaging and seasonal activities throughout the school year.


N is for new

Wixie is constantly updating! New templates and images are added all the time, making Wixie even more beneficial for students and teachers.

O is for opening choice

Wixie makes it easy to provide students with choice. Start with a choice board as a stepping stone to student agency. 

wixie-choice-board-summer-fun  wixie-choice-board-animal-research

P is for paint tools

The paint tools can help make every student project unique as they create original drawings that not only show what they know, but demonstrate their unique personalities and interests.

Q is for quick response

The Wixie support team gets back to you right away when you have a question and share so many helpful resources online.

R is for rubrics

Wixie includes an entire set of assessment tools teachers can use to find, customize or create rubrics and checklists to authentically assess student learning. 


S is for showcase

Use the Showcase feature in your teacher account to collect, store, and easily share exemplary project work from your account or your Showcase URL. Students can do the same using their Highlights folder.

T is for thousands of templates

Wixie includes a library of integrated templates you can use for standards-based assignments and to support student thinking during project work. Templates can also be created by teachers to support specific curricular goals and even shared with other educators at their site.


U is for uploading

You can upload your own PDFs to Wixie to take advantage of instructional design you have already done to make your content engaging and specific for your students.

V is for video

Use the Video button to add video from your device's camera, YouTube, or your own movie files to make the content more accessible and visual for your students. Students can also record and add video to their projects to demonstrate understanding and explain thinking.


W is for Wixie Wizards

If you love Wixie as much as I do, join the groups and talk with fellow Wixie Wizards on Facebook, LinkedIn, or follow posts on Instagram, and Twitter.


X is for eXtras

With Wixie, there is always something more. For example, symmetry features for the paint brush or additional color options that increase freedom and creativity.

Y is for YouTube

Simply hyperlink to or embed a YouTube video to quickly and easily take advantage of powerful educational resources that don't require reading.

Z because Wixie removes the ZZZ’s

Your students need a break from worksheets, so move away from boring to powerful project work! Wixie makes it easy for students to do and teachers to manage.  

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