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Literature-focused activities for Hispanic Heritage Month

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Sep 13, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Combining the Hispanic voices and traditions in great children's literature with creative classroom activities is a powerful way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Wixie’s powerful tools make it easy for students to combine original artwork, text, images, voice narration, and video.

Use these titles to immerse your students in the rich cultures and diversity of this community. Start by reading the story aloud and then assigning an activity to support additional exploration and learning.

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50 activities for back to school

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Aug 10, 2022 2:58:16 PM

This blog shares fifty ideas for using Wixie for fun back-to-school activities. From all about me projects to goal setting and managing your classroom, use these ideas to get to know your learners and get them creating and communicating with technology from day one.

Select the image for each idea or use the text link to open a template you can assign as a teacher, or use as a student, immediately.

Editor's Note: We did a webinar on this topic and recorded a shortened version, you can watch here.

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Back-to-school books and Wixie

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Aug 3, 2022 6:22:47 AM

Combine Wixie with your favorite back-to-school picture books to welcome your students, make them authors immediately, and show them how exciting learning can be.

After reading a story to your students, encourage them to create an adaptation of the book using the text, paint, and image tools in Wixie.

Wixie's Curriculum library includes a range of story adaptation templates you can assign to students after reading your favorite back-to-school book. Use these ideas to get your students excited about reading and writing this school year.

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7 Ideas to Engage Primary Students in Earth Science

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Apr 4, 2022 10:56:34 AM

Creative digital projects in Wixie make a fun and engaging way for students to learn about Earth Science topics included in the Next Generation Science Standards. Wixie includes a range of standards-aligned templates that focus on geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy. Use the seven creative project ideas below to engage students in meaningful work that will build upon their understanding of earth science skills and informational writing!

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7 reasons Wixie works for student learning

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Jan 10, 2022 8:01:10 AM

Wixie is an online tool for digital project work. Wixie lets students share knowledge, ideas, and thinking through a combination of text, art, voice, and video. Wixie provides teachers with a range of tools to manage and evaluate student work. 

From math to music, science to social studies, writing to social-emotional learning, there are so many ways to use Wixie! Teachers can assign formative assessments for practice and evaluation, graphic organizers to support thinking, and let student creativity soar with open-ended, blank-canvas project work.

But that is what Wixie is and what it does. Here are 7 reasons why Wixie works for student learning.

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