Digital Storytelling Resource Kit

Digital storytelling helps students build important 21st century communication skills and make personal connections to the content they are learning. This kit is designed to help you start using this exciting process in your classroom.

The Digital Storytelling Resource Kit includes:

• Digital Storytelling in the Classroom - Bernajean Porter
• Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum - Bernajean Porter
• Advanced Thinking in Digital Storytelling - Jon Orech
• Digital Storytelling Samples (PDF with Web links)
• Digital Storytelling Samples (Web-based with integrated samples)
Lesson Plans
• Don’t Let the Earth Down
• News Broadcast: Culture
• Entice Your Reader
• Video Biographies
• Shapes Show It!

From classroom management, to project ideas, to script writing and planning, these resources will help get you and your students started telling digital stories.