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Posted by Melinda Kolk on Jun 8, 2021 6:45:00 AM

Even when school is on vacation, Wixie is not! If you use Wixie at school, let parents know their child can continue creating in Wixie over the break.

Note: Explore video directions for sending parents their child's Wixie log in information or simply head to the Settings in your Wixie teacher account for these tools.

Use these ideas to get parents and kids creating together at home. The ideas progress from easy to more difficult, from younger to older, so browse the list to find an idea that works best for your family. Don't forget to share your favorite ideas too!

1. Complete a coloring page

The coloring pages in Wixie are an easy way to get comfortable with the Wixie tools and mimic activities many families already do together. Complete the coloring pages by choosing a color from the color palette and either using the paint bucket to fill a space on the page with a click or using the paint bucket tool to click and drag to color. 


Have your child log in to Wixie. Search "coloring" in the field at the top or open the Curriculum folder in the list on the left. Open the Art folder and open the Coloring Pages folder to find an image you want to use. 

2. Create scratch art together

Remember scratch art from your own car trips as a child? Create scratch art images in Wixie using the Eraser tool on the scratch art templates.


Have your child log in to their Wixie account. Search "scratch" at their Wixie home page, or browse the Curriculum folder in the list on the left. Open the Art folder and then the Scratch Art folder for a range of templates you can use to scratch a picture together!

3. Turn your artwork into digital greetings

If you can’t see family or thank them for gifts in person, use Wixie to create and email them a digital note.



Simply add a voice message to artwork you and your child have created in Wixie. Then copy and paste the URL, or go to the File menu and choose Share, and email the message to friends and family.

You can also export your project as a video! In Standard Theme go to the File menu and choose Download. In Primary Theme click the Share button on the toolbar and choose Download.


4. Send a postcard 

Encourage writing skills by asking your child to send a postcard to a friend or family member. They can simply say hello or write and design a postcard from a unique place you visited.


Have your child log in to their Wixie account. Search "postcard" in the field at the top or use this postcard template.

5. Cook together and share a family recipe

Does your family make a special treat in the summer? Cook or bake it with your child and use Wixie to create a recipe card for it.


Have your child log in to Wixie and search "recipe" for a template or select the image above to use the swimming pool recipe template. Add text for the ingredients as well as how to bake or cook the recipe. Copy the address in the URL field at the top and email to your child's teacher.

6. Design a snow globe memory

People often buy snow globes to help remember events on a vacation. Work with your child to design a snow globe to capture your favorite summer vacation, or staycation, memory. 

Have your child log in to Wixie and search "globe" for a template or use this snow globe template. Use the paint tools to create the background or scene in the snow globe. Use the Image button and Stickers library to find images to represent events. Explore video instructions here:

7. Set goals

Writing down your goals brings you one step closer to achieving them! Work with your child to choose a time frame, such as summer or the rest of the year, and set goals they can share with their teacher when they return to school.


Have your child log in to Wixie and search "goals" to find a range of templates or simply type them on a blank page and decorate.

Jump in with a choice board

You can use the choice boards in Wixie to find age-appropriate activities to do with primary and elementary learners. Select each image below to open the choice board. Select the image or label for the activity you want to complete and log in to Wixie to begin working. 


wixie-family-choice-primary  wixie-template-choice-summer-math


wixie-family-choice-elementary   wixie-choice-board-summer-fun

Need more support and ideas?

There are so many ways to Wixie in school and at home. Explore the links and resources on the Wixie Parent Page to find even more ideas you and your child can do together.

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