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Software for student publishing and creativity.

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Online student publishing and creativity platform.

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Create animations, digital stories, and stop-motion.

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Tech4Learning Blog
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Ideas for at-home 4th graders

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Mar 19, 2020 7:00:00 AM

If your child uses Wixie at school, they can log in at home to creating and sharing their learning through a combination of text, images, and voice narration! Your child's teacher may even be suggesting activities by assigning templates that will show at the top of your child's Wixie home page. (If your child doesn't have Wixie, sign up for a free trial account you can use for 90-days.)

This blog will share ideas for using Wixie with your fourth-grader(s) at home. New ideas will be posted each day, so bookmark this page to find new activities you can try together or help them get started working on their own.

You can also get a range of ideas at:

1. Draw with Symmetry

Challenge your 4th graders to draw using the symmetry (mirror setting) options in Wixie.


For example, ask them to create a spring scene with different flowers. Students can use both mirror and radial symmetry options.


Find more fun ideas in this lesson on Exploring Line Symmetry.

2. Caption a photo to make your own meme

Memes are small snippets of culture that "go viral" via the Internet. Funny photos with captions are common tools of meme generators. Make your own custom meme by adding a caption to a funny photo you have captured in Wixie. You can also search "kiwi" at the Wixie home page to find a funny image of a kiwi. What might he be thinking?

Deep thoughts from a kiwi

Once you have added a caption to the kiwi, or created your own custom meme, copy and paste the URL to your work and share with friends and family.

3. Set goals for your time at home

Take some time to set personal goals you want to accomplish during your time at home. This can help you feel a sense of control. Search "goal" in Wixie to find a range of templates, even one to help you set a SMART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely).

Reach your goal

4. Create and send a digital postcard

After learning something new, tell someone else using a postcard! You could write a postcard from:

Wixie includes several templates (1- or 2-page) you can use to get started. Simply log in to Wixie and search "postcard" to find them.


5. Family recipes

Are you learning to cook or bake while you are at home? Search Wixie for "recipe" and use a template to create a recipe card. Share the URL with a classmate so they can try something new with their family.


To create your own collection, go to the File menu, choose Print and select the Table Tent option. Print, fold, and glue.

Use these instructions to make your own soda bread!

6. Make Wanted posters for vocabulary words

The ability to combine text, images, and voice narration makes Wixie an ideal tool for building vocabulary creatively. Use Frayer diagrams, trading cards, and visual vocabulary to cement new terminology.


More ideas for building vocabulary in Wixie

7. What is this puppy thinking?

Search "pug" at your Wixie home page and open the template. Imagine what it is like to be a puppy. What would make it happy? Type your idea into the pug's thought bubble.


Use the microphone tool to record it's thoughts. Be sure to use a puppy voice!

8. Helping those who are helping others.

It seems like so many people around the world are working tirelessly to keep everyone safe, healthy and fed. Ask your student(s) if they could give away 1 million dollars, which charity would they donate it to?


9. Design your own how-to video

How are you spending your time when you can't hang out and play with friends? Do you think of something you want to do and look up how to do it on YouTube?

Whether it's something you love to do, or something new you learned, create your own how-to and share it with friends to give them a new idea for a fun at-home activity.

You can find a full lesson plan for this idea on Creative Educator

10. Real World of Math: Time Trials

Comparing decimals is brought to life with stock car racing. Search "Time Trials" at your Wixie home page. Use quotes to search both terms at the same time and narrow the results. Open to assign or use this multi-page template that includes both practice and application.


Former math specialist has an entire series of Real World of Math template in Wixie. Find out more

11. Write a Haiku

April is National Poetry Month! Celebrate by writing and illustrating a haiku poem – a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

Use the New button in Wixie to start a blank page, add text and illustrate! You can also search "haiku" for a template with additional directions.


Don't forget the kigo! All haiku should contain a word that indicates the season.

You can find a full lesson plan for this idea on Creative Educator

12. Send a virtual high five

Right now most people are going above and beyond to respond to the pandemic. Show your appreciation with a virtual high-five. Has a friend connected on a regular basis, did you grandparent send something nice? 


Search for "five" at your Wixie home page and add text or voice narration to show you appreciate their being amazing. Use the paint tools and Image options to decorate.

13. Write a letter to or between characters in a story

Taking the perspective of a character in a story can help students understand their motivations and better comprehend their response to events in a story. Assign a stationery template, use the Stationery backgrounds, or have students design their own.

  Saving Winslow letter 

Give students a prompt that requires them to use evidence from text to justify opinions or make an argument.

14. Work with fractions

Wixie includes templates to help students make sense of fractions, from basic halves and fourths to equivalent fractions and even computation. Search "fractions" at your Wixie home page or browse the Templates folder using the path shown below.


To help students apply their thinking about fractions encourage them to write fraction stories.

You can find a full lesson plan for this idea on Creative Educator

15. Publish a personification story

Have students personify an object, use Wixie to write and illustrate a story about it, and publish their work as an eBook!

You can find a full lesson plan for this idea on Creative Educator

New idea coming tomorrow

Come back for details.


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