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Posted by Melinda Kolk on Jul 24, 2023 8:22:32 AM

Wixie includes a new category of objects called Widgets, that allow for additional interactivity in a project. Widgets can be an entire Wixie project or websites in a frame, or a special interactive objects that can change their appearance or animate. 

Magic Stickers are Widgets that a user clicks or that have their appearance set when a user opens a project. For example, the Ask the 8 Ball gives a prediction each time the user clicks, but the Christmas Countdown displays the number of days until December 25th. Talkies are a type of Magic Sticker that reads text, reads a text object, or plays a recorded sound.

Use Wixie's Magic Stickers to create interactive games, unique projects, and math practice activities that generate new content each time they are used!


Magic stickers are active when you click the Show button to present a project. When using Magic Stickers as part of an activity, designers can also set a magic sticker to function while editing by locking them.

Adding Magic Stickers

To add a Magic Sticker to a project, select the Widgets button on the Standard theme toolbar.


Choose the Magic Stickers option in the Widgets dialog.


At the Magic Stickers dialog, browse the folders to find the Magic Sticker you want to use and select the Add button.

Once the Magic Sticker is on the page, click the Show button to test it out.

Magic Stickers that require a user click

Some Magic Stickers work when the user clicks them. The name of most of these Magic Stickers make it clear what they will do. For example, when the user clicks the dice, it “rolls” and displays one side of the dice. Click a spinner and the arrow spins until it lands on one of the choices, like in the Roll and Tally activity

Magic Stickers like the dice and spinners make for great counting, calculation, and probability activities. 

Add a countdown clock or stopwatch to a math worksheet, word-making activity, or a tangram puzzle for an additional challenge. 

The Music folder includes pianos and xylophones you can add for students to play. (Try it below!). 

Use the Music Magic Stickers to give students a creative break or to provide an instrument to every students so they can practice reading sheet music or prepare for a performance.

Magic Stickers that don't require a click

Some Magic Stickers set their appearance when a student opens the project. Examples of these are base10 blocks, fraction pies, and clocks.  

This type of Magic Sticker makes it easy to create math practice activities that have unique content for each student, like this fraction worksheet.

Here are a few example examples to inspire your own designs:

• What time is it?
• Odd and Even Numbers
• Place Value
• Counting tens and ones
• Comparing Numbers 0-100

Note: If you are designing an assignment in your teacher user, these stickers will change every time you load a page (move between multiple pages or open the project). They will set permanently when the student opens the assignment.

Getting started with magic stickers

While Widgets are available to students and teachers, the Magic Stickers can help teachers design engaging project scaffolds and reduce time needed to create math practice. You might have to play with the different Magic Stickers to understand how each one works, so here is your official permission to play! .

We can't wait to see what your students create!

The Wixie team


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