Wixie update includes ability to export ePub3 files

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Sep 5, 2013 4:32:00 PM

WixieTech4Learning released another update to Wixie, its cloud-based authoring tool. This update adds some great new features to the student authoring application, including:


  • ePub3 export
  • Transparent PNG export
  • The ability to set a default library category for projects
  • A delete button on objects

The way fonts, colors, and bold, italic, and underline styles are applied to text objects is also more like Pixie. 

Another great new feature is improved search results in the library. Multiple word searches such as Big Ben, black dog, purple flower, New York City, and George Washington return far fewer and hopefully much more desired results. This is also true if you use Pixie, Frames, or Share, as well as Wixie!

Delete button on objectsThis update is available in the browser version right now and should be available as an update to the Wixie apps for iPad, Android, and Kindle in about a week.

The Pixie app (Pixie by Tech4Learning on iPad) will also get most of these new features, except for default library category, at about the same time as the Wixie app.

You can see the details on the release notes when you log in to your Wixie account!


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