Tech4Learning releases update to Wixie - Flash-free and even easier to use!

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Jun 24, 2019 11:48:34 AM

Tech4Learning has released an update to Wixie, it's popular digital project tool used by students around the world. Wixie is a online applcication students can use to paint pictures, write stories, and record their voice to explore the curriculum and demonstrate mastery. Teachers can log in to Wixie to find, create, or assign student project work, provide feedback, evaluate student effort progress toward standards mastery.

No longer tied to Adobe Flash, the Wixie update includes an entirely new authoring interface with added features like text-to-speech and hyperlinking. The teacher and student home page have also changed to make it easier to manage projects, distribute and use customized Wixie curriculum, share and showcase student learning.

“Wixie is the perfect tool for today’s digital learners, who need to create, not just consume,” explains David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning. “The Wixie update not only makes this process easier for students and their classroom teachers, it now works on phones making it the perfect platform for anytime, anywhere learning.


"With this update, Wixie moves student learning quickly from idea to reality,” shares Melinda Kolk, Director of Curriculum at Tech4Learning. "Students don't want to sit and get; they want to create and change the world. Wixie helps them make their ideas real and easy to share with a global audience."

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