Build computational thinking skills with Wixie

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Dec 5, 2022 8:57:06 AM

While most people associate computational thinking with coding, computational thinking skills help us more effectively solve problems and make decisions. In order to develop algorithms, students must be able to analyze data, recognize patterns, generalize rules, decompose problems, and more.

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What's New - November 2022

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Nov 28, 2022 12:18:17 PM

The team at Tech4Learning is always working to provide exciting products and resources to make student learning active and extraordinary. 

Check out what's new from Tech4Learning this November.

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Combine Great Literature and Wixie for Powerful Social-Emotional Learning

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Nov 15, 2022 10:16:51 AM

Social-emotional skills are paramount to successfully participating and thriving in the world, but engaging in conversations about feelings, social situations, and conflict can be scary. Combining high-quality children's literature with creative activities in Wixie can help your students explore feelings and celebrate their unique personalities, while building self- and social- awareness, self-management, and skills with decision making.

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30+ Ideas for Thanksgiving

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Nov 7, 2022 9:20:46 AM

Use these ideas, perfect for November, to connect students to gratitude and practice essential literacy, math, and thinking skills. The buttons and links for each idea open to a Wixie template you can assign (log in) as a teacher, or use as a student, immediately.

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Creating Powerful Portfolios in Wixie

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Nov 1, 2022 7:25:54 AM

A portfolio is a powerful learning tool designed to both show and promote a student's growth in learning and progress in the development of specific skills. Wixie includes portfolio templates students can use to collect, organize, and reflect on their learning over time.

Developing portfolios in the classroom has many benefits. It encourages students to actively engage in the learning process as they select work that demonstrates growth and reflect on their efforts. Digital portfolios provide a window into individual and classroom learning for parents, caregivers, and other stakeholders.

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