Sharing Wixie Assignments in Canvas Commons

Posted by David Wagner on Jul 14, 2021 11:49:43 AM

Schools and districts can use Canvas Commons to create libraries of Wixie assignments that they can share with their teachers through Canvas Commons. Commons is a learning object repository that enables educators to find, import, and share resources.

Create a Wixie assignment in Canvas

Wixie projects can be added as an External Tool submission type to a Canvas Assignment. Everyone in your organization that has access to Wixie can use this assignment, the project is not limited to the original teacher and their students.

Create an assignment with a Wixie project added as an external tool.


Share the Wixie Assignment to Canvas Commons

Go to your Assignments in Canvas, select the three dots to the right of an assignment, and choose Share to Commons.


Complete the Commons submission form.


You can share the project with yourself to use in other courses, your entire Canvas organization, or all Canvas users. For the project to work with users outside of your organization, they will need to have access to Wixie in their Canvas. Also, the project you add to the assignment must either be from the Wixie Templates library, or your organization must allow sharing of your teacher projects with the public (which is the default setting).

Be sure to fill out the Description and Tags in order to make it easier for people to find this assignment when they are searching in Commons. If the assignment meets a specific part of your curriculum guide, be sure to list that in the Tags. Also, set the grade(s) that the assignment is appropriate for.

For the Commons image, you can use one of the stock images, upload your own, or export the Wixie project as images and upload the image for the first page.

Click the Share button to submit the assignment to Commons.

Finding Wixie Assignments in Canvas Commons

Other teachers will be able to find the assignment by searching Commons. Teachers will be able to select the assignment and import it into courses.


Assignments containing Wixie projects can also be added to Modules in Canvas and then the module can be shared to Commons. This is useful if the assignment is part of a larger unit that has multiple assignments and other course content.

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