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Posted by Carolyn Daly on Jun 29, 2021 9:53:52 AM

Summer, especially summer vacation, is a time to engage the senses with a range of experiences and your learners can use Wixie to explore their world using all five senses! What does summer look, smell, sound, feel and taste like? Learners can choose ideas for each of the five senses and collect them into a scrapbook.

Wixie comes with a range of scrapbook templates, so students can simply choose one and begin documenting their summer. Simply search "scrapbook" after logging into Wixie.

What does summer look like?

What do you see when you close your eyes and think about summer? Beachballs, sun umbrellas, or cannonballs in the pool? Encourage learners to reflect on all of the wonderful things they see this summer. (Select the link or image below to open a template.)

Paint a summer scene: Use the paint tools to design your favorite summer scene.


Beachball brainstorm: Write words to describe the things you saw during your summer time off including in camps, activities, and travel.


Summer cinquain: Write a cinquain poem to describe the details for one particularly enjoyable summer activity.

Summer Cinquain

What does summer taste like?

Savory berries or sweet corn from the corner fruit stand and picnic food from the grill are some traditional foods of summertime. What are your favorite tastes of summer?

Favorite summer treats: Conduct a survey with your friends or neighbors to collect data about their favorite summer treats.

Share a recipe: Write down the steps of something you learned to make this summer and print or send to a friend.


Design a summer meal: If you could take summer food back to school, what would a meal include? Design a cafeteria tray with a meal that represents the taste of summer.


What does summer sound like?

Summertime comes with its own set of unique sounds (cue waves crashing, fireworks, and calls of Marco Polo).

Sound cube: Add images and original illustrations to show or visualize the sounds that recall your summer vacation experiences.


Play and compose summer music: Start by learning to read music and play Row, Row, Row Your Boat on a digital keyboard and then, work to compose your own summer melody.

wixie-template-music-play  wixie-template-music-compose

Learn to code: Wixie makes it easy to code music tones and duration. First add an image that represents the soundtrack of summer. Select the image, go to the Edit menu and choose Edit Alt Text to create music when the image is selected!


What does summer smell like?

Summer comes with all sorts of terrific smells from salty ocean water, sunscreen lotion, and roasted marshmallows! If you could bottle up your favorite scents of Summer what would they be?

Design a flower: Hopefully you had time to stop and smell the flowers this summer. Use this template or simply add shapes from the Stickers library to design your own flower! 


Created a scented candle: Design a candle scent that reminds you of a favorite time or event from summer. Use the text or microphone tool to describe the scent and add images and illustrations to match.


Identify summer smells: Use this flower cluster to identify the smells of summer using text, images, illustrations, and video.


What does summer feel like?

Summer is a time to get your hands dirty as you play and create. What will you make?

Chalk art message: Have you felt the asphalt or sidewalk under your hands and seen the interesting texture chalk leaves on the pavement? Use the paint brush options to create your own chalk art message to both show this texture and share a message to make someone "feel" great!


Dig for critters: If you have young learners, have them dig in the dirt to find critters in this fun mouse skills activity using the Eraser tool. 


Create a sandcastle: You probably can't go to the beach everyday, but you can build a sandcastle using shapes! 


Tying it all together

Five senses poem: Write a 5 senses poem to celebrate a favorite summer place or time.

Five Senses Poem

Five senses observations: If you are looking for a reason to get kids outside, have them use the 5 senses observation activity to record what they discover as they head outside of their home.


Five senses books: Students can use the 5 Senses Book template to capture and record information for things they can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch.


No matter how you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch summer, have a wonderful time observing the world.

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