Building Literacy in the Elementary Grades

A combination of focused activities and creative, open-ended technology projects can help you take a new approach to building literacy with your elementary students. Use these articles, samples, and lessons to find new ideas and approaches that will work for your learners.

The Building Literacy Resource in Elementary kit includes:

• Building Early Literacy Skills
• Enrich Vocabulary Instruction
• Making Literature Connections
SPLAT...POW...WOW! Motivating through Comic Creation
• Literacy Project Samples (PDF - links to samples)
• Literacy Project Samples (Web-based with integrated samples)
Lesson Plans
• ABC - It's as Easy as 1-2-3
• Amazing Animal Alliterations
• Cool Word Vocabulary
• Legends and Tall Tales
• Idiomatically Speaking
• Modernize a Fairy Tale
Entice Your Reader

These articles, lessons, and strategies engage students through creative technology to maximize student literacy skills.