Use Wixie to create online greeting cards

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Dec 7, 2017 1:57:18 PM

Having students create and share greeting cards provides a fun opportunity to talk about the purpose of writing, to practice writing and speaking, and to connect the work students do in the classroom to the world beyond it. 

The authoring and sharing tools in Wixie make it easy to create and publish a range of greetings, from single pages of artwork you print to multi-page eCards with audio narration.

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8 ideas for building comprehension with Wixie

Posted by Melinda Kolk on May 17, 2017 1:08:11 PM

Students need to be able to identify key details in a text, but also need to be challenged with comprehension activities that include higher-level thinking skills. Wixie can help them do both!

Wixie includes thousands of activity templates like plot diagrams and character trait clusters you can use for formative assessments. Wixie's powerful authoring tools also get students making in language arts to demonstrate comprehension.

Here are 8 ideas to help you take a creative approach to building and evaluating comprehension with Wixie. Use the hyperlinks in each section to connect to complete lesson plans and Wixie templates you can assign immediately.

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Exploring Fairy Tales with Wixie

Posted by Danielle Abernethy on Feb 15, 2017 9:36:03 AM

On a recent trip to Disney World, I was reminded of how I  loved fairy tales growing up, both the original stories as well as the Disney adaptations. I even tried my hand at writing fairy tales!

While none of my fairy tales were movie quality, they were always one of my favorite writing topics, so I was excited when I recently discovered that February 26th is Tell a Fairy Tale Day! Here are a few ideas for Wixie projects to connect your readers, writers, and thinkers to fairy tales.

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Making Wanted Posters in Wixie

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Feb 1, 2017 9:24:06 AM

Want to add a little creativity into your Wixie comprehension projects? Look no further than a Wanted Poster!

Wanted posters also make for a great first Wixie project, because:

• Several templates already exist in the student's Projects view.
• Students only need a few Wixie skills to begin.
• Wanted posters can be used in a variety of ways.

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Use poetry to build vocabulary and comprehension at all levels of language acquisition

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Mar 25, 2015 11:45:00 AM

Because of its combination of concise and purposeful text, both reading and writing poetry offers fantastic opportunities to engage English Language Learners at a variety of levels.

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