Use How-to Writing to Kick Start and Cement Learning

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Apr 18, 2023 7:45:00 AM

I have seen thousands of digital projects in the last 25 years and a favorite is having students design multi-modal informative how-to's! For starters, procedural writing can be incorporated in any grade level or subject area. It empowers students to become the teacher/expert, motivating students to complete high-quality work. And, let's face it, we can only teach someone else content if we have mastered it first, which inevitably helps us remember the information more effectively in the future.

Win, Win, Win! 

The following ideas share how you can use how-to writing to help students practice sequencing, remediate and retain skills, and create inspiring Public Service Announcements.

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Combine Great Literature and Poetry Frameworks to Inspire Writing

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Apr 4, 2023 7:01:00 AM

When students struggle to find their words using traditional writing prompts, poetry allows them to be successful writers without being limited to a formal structure or substantial word count.

Using a formulaic structure, such as a Haiku or Cinquain, can make writing less daunting. This also helps to level the writing field for our most hesitant writers and second language learners.

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found its words." --Robert Frost

Use the following children's books to model great poetry writing and inspire your students. Each idea includes templates in Wixie you can assign immediately to support student work.

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Using Wixie to Build Preschool Skills

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Mar 17, 2023 8:15:00 AM

Albert Einstein once said, "Play is the highest form of research." So, rather than placing your preschoolers in front of another edutainment game, get them logged into Wixie so they can play to learn!

Wixie makes it easy for students to have fun practicing their numbers, letters, empathy skills, and more and gain satisfaction and joy for sharing what they have learned with others!

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Using Wixie with Preschoolers

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Sep 21, 2020 7:33:40 AM

Wixie was designed so even the youngest of learners can successfully access technology tools to create and share digital projects. Wixie even includes a Primary Mode with bright icons and a simplified tool set that allows preschoolers to express themselves with paint, images, and their voice while building a healthy technology foundation that goes beyond "edutainment."

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Topics: Wixie, preschool, PreK

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