Wixie ideas for November

Posted by Danielle Abernethy on Oct 26, 2015 10:16:12 AM

November has my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, which is all about family and friends and good food, and not presents or candy. And if you’re lucky enough to live in an area where Mother Nature has a full color palette, the leaves still have their robust color. Here are several other holidays to celebrate and learn with Wixie during the month of November.

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Engage readers with creative projects during “Picture Book Month”

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Nov 6, 2014 7:24:00 AM

"A picture book is what you read to someone sitting on your lap." Nick Bruel

Most of us have fond memories of reading with our parents or children. We probably even have a favorite picture book or picture book series. November is Picture Book Month and it’s time to celebrate that love!

No matter what grade your students are in, it’s time to get out the picture books and don’t limit your celebrations to just reading them. While most students love listening too and looking at picture books, they also want to write, make, and publish! Combine reading with technology and creative projects to engage students in reading.

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Wixie project ideas for the end of school and all summer long

Posted by Melinda Kolk on May 23, 2014 12:01:00 PM

One of the best parts about Wixie may be that students can use it over the summer if they have access to a computer or tablet. Most districts don't switch to new school year log ins until later in the summer and most existing student log ins remain in place until that time.

While students who are going to log in to write, draw, and create over the summer may not need help with ideas, you can encourage others by assigning templates like scrapbooks and goals to spark ideas.

Here are a few Wixie project ideas to help your students remember this year (if you are still in school!), look forward to next year, think about summer, and keep writing even if/when school is out.

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Motivate with Print Products in Wixie

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Apr 21, 2014 1:10:00 PM

Students love to use Wixie to combine text, images, original artwork, voice narration, and video to show what they know. While digital is fantastic (you really can't beat student voice in a project), you can also use Wixie to print booklets, trading cards, and comics.

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