Use Wixie's rubrics and checklists to assess student work

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Aug 24, 2021 7:03:27 AM

Wixie includes assessment tools, like rubrics and checklists, teachers can use to evaluate student work. Using Wixie’s assessment tools helps:

● provide clear expectations for project work.
● remove subjectivity from evaluation.
● students know what actions to take to be successful.

All Wixie templates are already connected to an assessment, whether a straightforward done-try again option or a more comprehensive rubric. Teachers can use these assessments to attach a grade or score to student work done in Wixie.

Wixie includes an Assessment library filled with checklists and rubrics teachers can immediately connect to student work or new assignments and even customize before attaching. Teachers can also use Wixie's built-in rubric maker to create their own rubrics and checklists.


If students are working on a project with an attached rubric, they simply go to the File menu and choose Assessment to view the criteria as they work.


Utilize the Assessment Library

To browse the rubrics in Wixie’s Assessment library, open the Templates folder at your Wixie home page. Open the Assessments folder and browse to find assessments at the level of your learners. All assessments contain both rubric and checklist components in one file.

Use the more button (three dots) on an assessment to view the contents, print, or connect to a project or template you have created.


To customize the rubric, select an assessment to open it and make any necessary changes using the rubric maker tools.

Create a rubric from scratch

To create a rubric or checklist in Wixie, select the New button at your Wixie home page and choose Assessment.

Wixie's rubric tool will open to a blank row of four columns where you can start adding criteria to levels of a rubric or the line of a checklist.


Instead of doing all the work yourself, use the pull-down menus on the left to choose components for your rubric and assessment criteria will be automatically added to each level! Then, simply edit the text to customize for the needs of your learners.


Use the buttons at the top to add more rows for additional components or checklist items. Use the Link To button to connect this rubric to a file you have created for a student assignment.

When the rubric is complete, select the Finished button. You can now find your work in the My Assessments folder at your Wixie home page.

Connect assessments to existing student work

To connect an assessment to a student project that already exists, such as a project they started from scratch, select the Students button at your Wixie home page.


Choose a class from the list and a student in the class. Select the project and choose the Grade tab.


To connect work to a rubric you have already created, or one that exists in the Wixie Assessment library, select Choose an existing assessment.

Use an assessment to evaluate student work

Once a rubric has been connected to a project, it will appear in the Grade tab. Simply click the appropriate cell in each row of the rubric to add your evaluation. The project will automatically get a score as each cell (criteria) is selected.


Use Wixie's Assessment library, or tools to create your own rubrics and checklists, to take advantage of this powerful tool to support student learning.

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