Using links in Wixie to connect and expand learning

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Jul 25, 2022 7:23:42 AM

Text and image objects in Wixie can link to external URLs and pages within a project. Linking allows you to connect the viewer or user to more information and provide options for agency that promote curiosity and responsibility for learning.

Link to information online

While much of the power in Wixie is the ability to use multiple forms of media to express your ideas and understanding in one space, sometimes it is helpful to connect the viewer to additional  information. 

Teachers can design, and assign, instructional materials in Wixie with hyperlinks that provide students with resources that have:

• additional background information and context.
• easy options for further exploration.

Similarly students can use links to online information to connect the viewer to more information about the ideas in their projects, as well as provide direct links to research and information in their citations.

To connect a project to more information online, select text or an image and copy and paste a URL into the Link box on the options panel.


Link to pages within a project

When a viewer looks at a completed Wixie project, the Show button will play, or advance in a linear format automatically or on a user click. However, users can add text and image links within a Wixie project. Viewers can use these objects to move in a nonlinear path through a project. 

Student authors can add nonlinear navigation in their projects to create a Table of Contents for an informational text book, link to a glossary with new terminology, or create choose-your-own-adventure-style stories!

Similarly, teachers can add navigation to resources they create for students to view. They can also add in-project links to student assignments to:

• provide students with additional information to support their work.
• give students choices on the tasks they will complete.

Like links to online resources, users select text or an image and use the Link pull down to choose the project page the object will take them to.


The Wixie Stickers library (accessible from the Image button) includes a Navigation folder with buttons and symbols for easy and consistent navigation.


Users can adjust the direction of the image and the look of the image with options like Turn buttons and the Color slider.


So, what will you make... and where will it go?

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