Using Wixie as a submission option in Canvas

Posted by David Wagner on Jul 19, 2021 4:36:21 AM

You can give students the choice to use Wixie to create their submissions for Canvas assignments.

If Wixie is not already installed as an External Tool in Canvas, contact your Canvas and Wixie administrators to have it installed for your course.

Create an assignment

In Canvas, click Assignments.

Click the +Assignment button.


Enter the assignment name, instructions, points, and other information.

For the Submission Type, select Online.


Click the submission options you want to give students. 


You will not see Wixie in the list, but Wixie will show as an option when the students start the assignment.

Finish adding assignment details and save and publish the assignment.

Complete a assignment as a student

Once assigned, students will be able to complete the assigned project using Wixie from within Canvas.

As a student, click Assignments.

Click the assignment.


Click the Start Assignment button.

Click Wixie in the list of submission options.


To submit a Wixie file the student has already created, find the project and click the Use button.


To create a new project to submit, click the New button.

Create a project and complete the work. When the student is ready to submit, they click the Canvas button on the toolbar.


Then, click the Submit Assignment button.


The project will be submitted to the Canvas assignment

Grading student work in SpeedGrader

Once students have completed their work, the teacher can grade their Wixie projects in SpeedGrader.

Click Assignments.

Click the assignment.

Click the SpeedGrader button.


Student work will show in the SpeedGrader window.


Add a grade and click the Submit button.

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