What's New - April 2023

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Apr 25, 2023 7:45:00 AM

Tech4Learning has been busy adding new features and resources to Wixie, including Curriculum Guides for supporting English Language Learners, Remote Learning, and Writing in Middle School.

Wixie hand icon New Wixie Templates

Check out some of the new cross-curricular activities we have added to the Wixie Curriculum Library.

Vocabulary Building Activities:

Explore some of the new activities designed to help students practice forming letters, rhyming words, and showcasing their love of language.

My Word Book
Places Around Town
My House Book
My Favorite Foods Book


Earth Day Celebration Activities

Have students show how they can help protect and keep our planet clean.

Earth Day Sentence
Earth Day Postcard
Earth Day Issues
Key Ideas


Cloze Activities and Poems

>Have students use poetry and cloze formats to share their love of writing with others.

Twinkle Twinkle Star
Color Poems
Spring Haiku
I Am Poem


Seasonal Activities

Explore some of the new Spring activities designed to engage and inspire.

Butterfly Book
Rain, Rain Go Away
Spring Weather Report
Friendly Letter


Wixie hand iconWixie Guides

Check out ALL of the Guides in Wixie's Templates> Teacher> Curriculum Guides. We have added several new ones below, including:

Primary ELL Guide
Elementary ELL Guide
Middle School Writing Guide
• Using Wixie for Remote Learning Guide

Wixie hand icon  Upcoming Wixie Webinar

Come learn from Wixie experts on Thursday, May 25th how to Use Wixie to Create Responsible Digital Citizens.


Learn more about our webinars

Community: Tech4Learning Innovative Educators

Congratulations to our newest Tech4Learning Innovative Educators:

Alissa Dwyer, Canal View Elementary, NY
Amy Blumstein, Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School, NY
Aneisa Linton, Walberta Park Elementary, NY
Angela Watts, Virtual Learning Program, MD
Briana Daddazio, Ridge Park Elementary, PA
Catherine Campbell, Whitemarsh, Elementary, PA
Christine Thompson, Francis Desmares Elementary, NJ
Derek Fickert, Gwynedd Square Elementary, PA
Elaine Woodell, Springwoods Elementary, VA
Eleanor Nerby, Plum Point Elementary, MD
Ellen Paradiso, Ridgebury Elementary, CT
Elizabeth Van Pate, Hebron-Harman Elementary, MD
Eric Sloan, Westchester Elementary, MD
Erin Abston, Johnson Primary School, NC
Jill Dunham Wright, Cromwell Valley Elementary Magnet, MD
Julie Krause, Virtual Learning Program, MD
Karen Jackson, Virtual Learning Program, MD
Karen Robinson, Forestville Elementary, VA
Kelly Coulter, Virginia Run Elementary, VA
Kristin Heberger, Taylor Elementary, NY
Laura Hollis, Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School, NY
Laxmi Bhandari, Gwynedd Square Elementary, PA
Leslie Rowe, Midview Local, OH
Lynne Torrey Greenacres School, NY
Margaret Groller, Inglewood Elementary, PA
Margaret Schear, Frances Hazel Reid Elementary, VA
Maribeth Vasilkov, Sudley Elementary, VA
Mary Dittmer, Maxwell AFB Elementary School, AL
Melinda Violante, Scotland Elementary, CT
Michelle Wickman, Bruno M. Ponterio Ridge Street School, NY
Nathaniel Higgins, Gwyn-Nor Elementary, PA
Rachel Hering, North Penn SD, PA
Ross Flint, Fairview Elementary, VA
Sreelekshmi Hareesh, Sinclair Elementary, VA
Stacie Zacks, Quarterfield Elementary, MD
Tracy Blannett, Plymouth Elementary, PA
Veronica Reese, Bellows Spring Elementary, MD

Ya'll be good now. ✌

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