What's New - February 2023

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Feb 15, 2023 7:58:36 AM

Tech4Learning has been busy adding new classroom management features to Wixie and resources, including over 50 templates to support the NGSS standards and a new preschool progression roadmap. 


New Wixie Activities 

Check out some of the activities below that support the Physical, Life, and Earth and Space science concepts for the Next Generation Science Standards.

Physical Science Activities: Explore some of the new activities designed to help students show their understanding of energy and motion and matter. 

Forces Vocabulary
Phases of Matter
Gravitational Comic
Light and Sound


Life Science Activities: Have students show what they know about structure, function, and informational processing using some of the new life science activities in Wixie. 

        • Decomposers
        • Cell Functions
        • Sensory Receptors
        • Animal Adaptations


Earth and Space Activities: Have students show what they know about seasons, weather, the Earth, and Solar System by using one of the new science templates.

Earth and Human Book                               
Environmental Changes
Energy Flow Cycle
Extreme Weather Book


New Preschool Skill Progression Board

Do you teach preschool, or know someone who does? Use the roadmap below to help preschool students build computer skills throughout the year! 


Preschool Progression Board

Wixie hand icon

New Wixie Features

The latest update to Wixie makes it easier to view and manage the work of students in your classes. The update allows you to see the work of multiple students at once and select some or all of the projects to print, merge, or add to the Showcase.


                                                                  Read More About the Update

Wixie hand icon

Upcoming Wixie Webinars 

Come learn alongside Wixie experts in one of the upcoming webinars, including a Wixie workshop, art in education, thinking routines, and how to use Wixie to create responsible digital citizens. 


Learn More About Our Webinars


Community: Tech4Learning Innovative Educators 

Congratulations to our newest Tech4Learning Innovative Educators: 

• Carolyn Matthews, Stratfield Elementary, CT
Colleen Uddin, Centerville/Driscoll Elementary, OH
• George Balaskas, PS 26 Rufus King, NY
• Greg Foschi, North Stratfield Elementary, CT
Judy Salemee, Burr Elementary, CT
• Katty Quezada, McKinley Elementary, CT
• Maria Venier, PS 10 Magnet School of Math, Science & Design, NY
• Robyn Toledo, Bloomingdale Boro, NJ
• Stephanie Goldberg, Sherman Elementary, CT

Ya'll be good now. ✌


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