What's New - March 2023

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Mar 28, 2023 9:15:00 AM

Tech4Learning has been busy adding new features and resources to Wixie, including Curriculum Guides and Skill Progression boards. And, is proud to introduce a new product called EDU ToDo! 

New Wixie Templates 

Check out some of the new cross-curricular activities we have added to the Wixie Curriculum Library.

Language Arts Activities: Explore some of the new activities designed to help students practice forming letters, rhyming words, and showcasing their love of language. 

Letter Formation
Rhyming Ants
Hero's Journey
Compound Words


Math Activities: Have students show what they know about shapes, fractions, number sense and more! 

        • Compare Fractions
        • Partition Shapes
        • Number Lines
        • Rainbow Dice


Science Activities: Have students show what they know about Earth and Space and their understanding of the affect of human consumption on the planet. 

Sally Ride Interview                      
Human Impact
Galileo Galilei
Planet Research


New Skill Progression Boards

Use the progressive roadmaps below to help students build computer and core content skills throughout the year!

Shapes for Kindergarten                 
Shapes for First Grade
Shapes for Second Grade
Fractions for Third Grade
Online Test Skills Prep


Wixie hand icon

New Wixie Guides 

Wixie spans from Pk-8th grade. Not sure how? Check out ALL of the Guides in Wixie's Templates> Teacher> Curriculum Guides. We have added several new ones below.

Explore ideas and templates for using Wixie in preschool.


Discover creative ways for students to share their information about animals. 


Learn about activities students can complete to show their understanding of middle school Next Generation Science Standards.                                         Wixie-curriculum-guide-middle-school 

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Upcoming Wixie Webinars 

Come learn alongside Wixie experts in one of the upcoming webinars, including Thinking Routines and how to use Wixie to Create Responsible Digital Citizens. 


Learn more about our webinars


New Product Highlight


EDU ToDo is a K-8 product that includes over a thousand curriculum-focused activities teachers can assign immediately in Canvas or Brightspace.


Learn more about EDU ToDo

Community: Tech4Learning Innovative Educators

Congratulations to our newest Tech4Learning Innovative Educators: 

  • • Cary Jones, Frontier Academy Elementary, CO
  • • Dave Guglielmi, St. Philip the Apostle, IL 
  • • Debra Gantis, Hickory Woods and Mary Helen Guest School, MI
  • • Mary Pearce, H.W. Mountz Elementary, NJ 
  • • Michele Goshko, Darien School District 61, Darien, IL
  • • Pam Brucker, Glengary and Keith, MI 
  • • Sandra Schueler, UMÓⁿHOⁿ Nation Public Schools, NE
  • • Sharon Alonzo, Philip's Academy Charter, NJ
  • • Cary Jones, Frontier Academy Elementary, CO
• Tina Gentrup, Guardian Angels Central Catholic Elementary, NE

Ya'll be good now. ✌


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