What's New - September 2022

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Sep 27, 2022 7:45:00 AM

The team at Tech4Learning is always working to provide exciting products and resources to make student learning active and extraordinary. Check out what’s new from Tech4Learning this September.

Wixie hand iconWixie: New Resources


The Wixie Curriculum and Template libraries include 1000's of standards-based assignments and project supports. Recent work has focused in the areas of geometric shapes for primary and civics and culture for elementary.

wixie-template-rosie-walk wixie-template-greedy-triangle wixie-template-2D-riddle-book

Select each image to open the template and assign or customize. 

wixie-template-country-report wixie-template-culture-poster wixie-template-branches-of-govt

Browse the Month-by-Month > October folder to explore new Halloween-themed templates or simply search “Halloween” at your Wixie homepage. 

wixie-template-halloween-friendly-letter wixie-template-pumpkin-pattern wixie-template-halloween-comic

These are just a few of the new choices!


Students can now choose from a variety of Global and Law stickers in the Image Library. Browse the Symbol folder to find these new folders. You can also find a new Shape People folder in Math!

The new shape characters are used in this identify shapes assignment.

Did you know?
Teachers can add a default image category to a project so that a specific folder of images displays when students choose the Image button!

Expert Webinar

Be sure to join us on Wednesday, October 19th at 7pm ET for Tech up the Math with Wixie hosted by Debbie Tannenbaum, Author & Tech4Learning Innovative Educator from Fairfax County, VA.


Tech4Learning hosts a regular series of Wixie webinars, many presented by educators. Explore the schedule to browse previous webinars (video recordings) and learn about even more upcoming events.

Creative-educator-logo-squareCreative Educator

Creative Educator publishes articles to support creative teaching and learning.

• Use Big Ideas in Social Studies for Hispanic Heritage Month Activities
• Literacy New Possibilities for Picture Books

Use Big Ideas in Social Studies for Hispanic Heritage Month Activities


Community: Social Media

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