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Wixie Update for the Summer of 2023

Wixie Update - Working with projects from multiple students

Wixie Update - Helping teachers and students

Wixie Update - What's New in the 2022 Update

All the new features during the 21-22 school year

Introducing Magic Stickers

Wixie Update - Zoom, Listen to Feedback, and more Project Settings

Teachers can now edit and join any student project

Wixie's update for September

Project Setting - Hide all tools

"Pencil only" setting in Wixie

Wixie Update - Summer 2021

Coding music in Wixie with Text-to-Speech

Wixie is certified as a TrustEd App by IMS Global

Wixie Update - December 2020

Add Wixie to the Shelf on a Chromebook

Use Wixie like an app on Windows

Creating projects from PDFs and much more

Wixie Update - August 2020

Wixie Update - Summer 2020

Log into Wixie using a QR Code

Collaborate in Wixie across grade levels and schools

Use Wixie to support at-home learning

Wixie and the COVID-19 coronavirus

Run Wixie in Spanish or French!

Make Wixie just right for your students

Start Over button now live for assignments and templates

Wixie sessions have more than doubled from last year!

Wixie updates

Using Wixie's Primary Interface

It's ⏰ to celebrate! Emojis have come to Wixie 😀

Best practices for designing templates in Wixie

The Wixie update has arrived!

Wixie works on phones

All new teacher home page coming to Wixie summer 2019

Text-to-speech feature coming to Wixie summer 2019

Highlights feature coming to the Wixie editor summer 2019

Sneak peek at the Wixie update coming this summer

Flash-free and fantastic! The next version of Wixie

Wixie and iOS 12 devices

Real-time collaboration coming to your Wixie account

Wixie adds support for OneRoster user data CSVs

Wixie UI Update – Getting Wixie Ready for Next School Year

Wixie update changes how users log in using a Web browser

Wixie update changes how users log in using tablets

Are you using Wixie's rubric maker yet?

Control your HyperDuino with a Wixie project

Students viewing their accounts on phones

Help for curriculum writing teams

Share Wixie projects to Google Classroom

Printing from the student dashboard

Print student projects

Accessing your Wixie account on an iPad

Wixie Interface Refresh

An update to Wixie's usage reporting

We can print again … on Windows in Chrome

Improved Letter and Number Searches

An Update to the Wixie Log In Procedure on Tablets

New Sharing Options for Teachers

The number of Wixie users doubles!

New SSO methods: SAML and Clever

An update with a lot of changes, but not much to see...

This update is for Iain

Another little update to Wixie

Wixie's first update for 2015

One last Wixie update for 2014

Wixie Server Maintenance Window on December 1st

A few small tweaks to Wixie

Wixie.com is getting a new look!

Best Practices for Building Wixie Templates

Wixie update for the new school year

New resources to help you get Wixie up and running

Update your content filter whitelist for Wixie

Wixie Legacy UI is going away this summer

Wixie adds Virginia and Texas Standards...and some other things

Apologies to some second graders

Update to the Wixie Student Tool

Wixie Student Tool Update

Working to make Wixie better

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