Another little update to Wixie

Posted by David Wagner on Mar 27, 2015 4:45:16 PM

We like to keep little enhancements to Wixie rolling out as often as we can. Often times these updates are just little additions to make life easier for some subset of our users. This update offers a little something for account admins and activity publishers.

Select All and Find Deleted.  One of the most requested features by admins manually managing user accounts has been an option to select all of the users in a found set, instead of clicking each check box one by one. Another has been a search function to find all of the users marked as deleted so they can easily clean up their data.


This update adds both options to the Actions button when you are manually editing user data. These options should make it a lot easier to clean up data, as well as make changes to a large found set.

Sharing for Publishers with classes at multiple schools.  When an activity Publisher is assigned to classes at multiple schools, they are promoted to the district level. Unfortunately, this meant that they could no longer share activities with their specific schools and could only share them with the entire district. Now, when a publisher is at the district, but also has classes at specific schools, they will also be able to share their projects into the specific school folders.


Faster creating folders in the Project Manager. We changed the steps for creating a new folder in the project manager. Now, you select the folder you want to add the new folder into and click the New Folder button. This will add a new folder into the selected folder, the new folder is selected and you can edit the name.


This replaces a dialog that was used to select the location for the new folder and give it a name.

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