Update to the Wixie Student Tool

Posted by David Wagner on May 12, 2014 2:51:00 PM

Today we released another update to the Wixie Student Tool. The update is immediately available on Windows, Macs, and Chromebooks. Updates to the mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple, Amazon, and Google Play app stores.

Here is what is new in this update:

Two-page spread for ePub export. We have been getting requests that our ePub files show a page-curl transition when viewed in iBooks. Selecting Two-Page Layout when exporting an ePub file will give you an ePub that has this transition in eReaders that support it (such as iBooks). The trade-off is that you may not like the way two pages look when they are displayed. But, at least now you have the option to choose.

Faster start over in Wixie.

Trapezoid and kite shapes. To help prepare for the PARCC test, some users in Illinois asked for the paint Shape tool to have trapezoid and kite shapes.

New kite and trapezoid shapes in Wixie.

Hosting Adobe’s files on our servers. When Wixie launches in a browser, it requires some additional files that are hosted on Adobe’s web servers. Unfortunately, sometimes districts had to add these servers to their whitelists to get Wixie to work. We are now hosting these files on our servers so as long as you can get to Wixie you will also get these files.

Storing files on Wixie servers.

Faster Start Over. We changed the way the Start Over function works to no longer require the project to be reloaded from the server. This should make the Start Over function much faster for users on a slower Internet connection.

Faster start over in Wixie. 

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