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Posted by David Wagner on May 14, 2021 11:23:34 AM

Wixie is getting a major update this summer. 

This has been such an unprecedented year in schools. Wixie usage has doubled and we are seeing Wixie used in more ways and in more classes than ever before! With the change in instruction and increased use, users have made a ton of feature requests.

Wixie’s development is driven by these requests.

This update includes hundreds of little changes focused on teachers using Wixie everyday with students. Improving the workflow, through new features and improvements in interoperability with other tools, is the driving theme in the update.

The update will be available in mid-July. Follow #WixieSummer21Update on Twitter and Instagram to see all the changes. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Interface Refresh

Both the standard and primary themes are getting a refresh to take better advantage of available screen space. For example, in the Standard theme, the storyboard is now visible all the time when the space allows. 

In the Primary theme, the tool palette has moved to the side of the screen and there is more emphasis on the insert buttons on the toolbar.

Improved integration with Google Classroom

Teachers can create assignments in their Google Classroom classes through the Wixie Assign dialog. Teachers will get a list of their Google Classroom classes to choose where to make the assignment.

Students who start a Wixie project from a Google Classroom assignment created through Wixie will have a toolbar button to be able to submit their finished work back to the Google Classroom assignment.

Improved integration with Canvas

Teachers will be able to browse their Wixie projects and templates within Canvas to select a project to use in a Canvas assignment. Teachers can even assign new, blank projects for students to work on.

Teachers can edit the assigned Wixie project without leaving Canvas right up until the time students start working on it.

Students can work on the Wixie project without leaving Canvas. When they are finished, there is a Submit button on the toolbar that submits the finished project to the Canvas Assignment.

Teachers can assess submitted student work using SpeedGrader.

New project settings improve authoring activities

The project settings dialog for teachers is getting new options to help deliver content and templates to students.


Options like hiding all of the tools, locking the background, locking the page count, and locking the image library category help teachers focus student attention on the task at hand.

These and even more features will release this summer around in mid-July. Follow #WixieSummer21Update on Twitter and Instagram to stay informed.

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