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Help for curriculum writing teams

Posted by David Wagner on Dec 7, 2016 4:19:10 PM

Today’s update makes it easier for curriculum writing teams made up of teachers from schools to share their work with the district. Teachers are already able to share the activities and templates that they create with other teachers at their school. We have gotten many requests from districts to make it easier for teachers who are part of a district curriculum writing team to share their activities and templates with the entire district.


With today’s update a district can set the role of a school teacher to “Publisher”. This will allow that teacher to see the district activities folder in their Projects tab and copy their own projects into this folder to share them with the rest of the teachers in the district.

For districts that want oversight over what is being shared, we recommend creating a “For Review” folder in the district’s folder that publishers can submit their work into. Then district staff can review the activity and move it into the appropriate folder for district staff to use.

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