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New Sharing Options for Teachers

Posted by David Wagner on Sep 27, 2015 3:20:34 PM

We updated Wixie this weekend and gave lots of new sharing options to teachers. All teachers can now share projects with other teachers in their school by adding activities to their school activity folder. Teachers can also easily share their projects by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

To start, we turned on the Project Manager tab for all teachers. This tab used to only be available to teachers who had a Publisher role.

Sharing projects with other teachers at a school 

Teachers can create new folders in their school activity folder and drag projects that they have created into these folders. All of the teachers in their school will be able to see these projects and assign them as activities for their students. The difference between a school teacher and publisher now mainly has to do with who can edit and delete. Teachers can edit and delete their own projects from the school folder, Publishers can edit and delete anyone’s projects from the school folder.

Share projects by email or social media

Teachers can use the Project Manager to share projects that they create by email and to Twitter and Facebook. Teachers now have the same sharing options for their own projects that they have for sharing student work. To get to the sharing options, click a project in the Project Manager, click the Actions button and choose Share.

Teachers can organize their projects into folders

Teachers can also use the Project Manager to organize their own projects into folders. Folders created in the Project Manager will also show up in the Projects view in Wixie.

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