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One last Wixie update for 2014

Posted by David Wagner on Dec 19, 2014 4:05:28 PM

We are heading into the holidays and we have one more update to Wixie before we take a little time off.

Backgrounds in the Library. There is now a collection of backgrounds available in the library. When you add these to a page, they are added to the background layer, behind your painting, stickers, and text objects. There are photos of landscapes and locations, there are illustrated habitats and backgrounds for stories and fairy tales. Your students will find over a hundred backgrounds to choose from for their projects.




New Library Organization. In order to add Backgrounds, we changed the way the stickers library is organized. Now, when you click the button on the toolbar, you will see three folders: Backgrounds, Stickers, and Pics4Learning. So while clip art is now one more click away, you have the backgrounds and much faster access to all of the photos in the Pics4Learning collection.




A new Auto-start setting for embedding projects. It is now much easier to embed multiple student projects into another web site or blog because we have added an auto-start option to the embed code. Previously, all projects automatically started to play as soon as the web page was shown. This made it, well, not a great experience when trying to show more than one student project in a blog. Basically multiple students all starting to talk at the same time when you hit a web page. Now, teachers can choose whether they wantprojects to start playing as soon as the page loads, or wait to play until the viewer clicks on the project.




We hope you enjoy your holiday and are looking forward to a great 2015.

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