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"Pencil only" setting in Wixie

Posted by David Wagner on Jun 1, 2021 8:03:00 AM

Sometimes, less is more.

Wixie now includes a feature that allows teachers to set a project to make only the pencil tool available to students. When the pencil only option is selected in the project settings, Wixie hides all of the tools except the color palette and instructions, helping to keep students focused on the activity that they are working on. 

Here are some examples of templates from the Wixie curriculum library that demonstrate how this feature will look in action.

Delete letters to form new words

Match an image to a sentence


Match a number to a set of objects


Match a real world object to a shape


More ideas for templates include matching letter sounds, matching a parent with its offspring, and matching careers to objects, and many more. This feature helps keep things as simple as possible when completing the activity.

To set a project to only show the pencil tool, click the File menu and choose Project Settings

Then, select the Pencil only radio button and select Save to apply this feature to a specific template.

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