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Real-time collaboration coming to your Wixie account

Posted by David Wagner on Dec 11, 2017 9:19:20 AM

At the beginning of the school year we began rolling out real-time collaboration on Wixie projects to individual schools and districts. We added a few schools a week all fall so we could monitor server loads and ensure we have the capacity to turn on the feature for everyone over the winter holiday.

When collaboration is turned on, you will see a Team button in the Wixie application toolbar.

The collaboration feature allows students to begin a project and add additional team members to the project from a list of the other students in their class. Teachers are automatically added to team projects created by their students.

Collaborative projects show in the Projects view for each team member. Collaborative projects display the number of team members in a circle in the top left corner.

We expect to turn collaboration on for all of our Wixie accounts over the winter holiday. We will send out an email to all Wixie account administrators when we do, but if you miss our email, you will know this feature is active when you see the team button in the toolbar.

If you are using Wixie on iPads or Android tablets, you need to update to the latest Wixie app from the app store.

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