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Run Wixie in Spanish or French!

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Feb 20, 2020 9:25:20 AM

The update to Wixie this past Friday gives you the option to run Wixie in Spanish and French!

Many of the districts that we work with have immersion schools for students wanting to learn a second language. When students learn content in another language they acquire that language (acquisition-learning) much more naturally and become fluent speakers more quickly.


If you are a Spanish or French immersion school, setting Wixie to run in either of these languages, supports your immersive approach.  Not only are all buttons, tool tips, and directions in the target language, but the media is as well, helping to reinforce vocabulary as students are using it, not just learning it.


Setting Wixie to run in Spanish or French

You can set schools, classes, and/or individual students to use Wixie in either Spanish or French.

To change the settings for your entire organization, log in as the school administrator. On the Settings page, you will find the Language option in the Look and Feel section.


Teachers can also change the language settings for their personal use, by class, or even by student.

Log in to your teacher account, select your profile icon, and choose Settings.

In the Look and Feel section, you can set the language for specific classes.


You can also set the language for individual students in the Student Settings section. Select the student and adjust their personal settings.


Support early-stage ELL's

While you want your ELL's to be immersed in English to learn it more quickly, you may also be expected to keep their content learning moving at grade level. If you are working with native-Spanish speakers who are at the early stages of language acquisition, using Wixie in Spanish can help you keep them on track in subjects like math and science and help them focus on content and conceptual learning as they begin basic mastery of the English Language.

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