Students viewing their accounts on phones

Posted by David Wagner on Dec 15, 2016 10:37:47 AM

As we dug into the usage data for Wixie we discovered a couple of things. One was that thousands of people look at Wixie projects on their phones every month. The other was that for almost every visit to the log in page on a phone, the next page viewed was the student home page. So we decided to spend some time making that user experience in a student account better on the phone.

With today’s update, students can now easily browse their projects on a phone, view projects, look through the training materials, and share projects to Google Classroom.


With this update there are also some changes to the student view on the iPad when logged in using Safari (depending on how you hold your iPad).

Students still cannot create Wixie projects on a phone, but it is now way easier for students to show off their Wixie work on a phone.

And sorry teachers and admins, we haven’t gotten to you yet.

Topics: Updates, Phones

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