All the new features during the 21-22 school year

Posted by David Wagner on Apr 20, 2022 3:58:49 PM

When the school year starts and you’re focused on your students and your curriculum, the Tech4Learning development team is focusing on making Wixie the best tool for your classroom that it can possibly be.

Even if you use Wixie every day, you may not have noticed new features showing up. So, here is a list of all of the features that have been added to Wixie during the 21-22 school year.

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Introducing Magic Stickers

Posted by David Wagner on Apr 12, 2022 9:39:08 AM

The latest update to Wixie introduced Magic Stickers. Magic Stickers are images that can change the way they look, such as dice you can roll, clocks that change their time, and more.

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Wixie Update - Zoom, Listen to Feedback, and more Project Settings

Posted by David Wagner on Dec 10, 2021 4:25:03 PM

We have one last Wixie update for 2021!

This update includes the two top-requested features from this fall: zoom and listening to feedback! Also, teachers now have a lot more control of how projects behave when they are creating templates.

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Teachers can now edit and join any student project

Posted by David Wagner on Sep 29, 2021 3:09:36 PM

Teachers can now join any student project to be able to work with that student either asynchronously or in real-time, without having to first make a team project. 

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Wixie's update for September

Posted by David Wagner on Sep 17, 2021 4:23:28 PM

I hope the new school year is off to a great start!

We hope you are enjoying the updates from this summer. We just couldn't wait until next summer to include a few more features to make using Wixie with your students even easier.

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Project Setting - Hide all tools

Posted by David Wagner on Jun 3, 2021 8:00:00 AM

As a follow-up to my blog on the new pencil-only feature in Wixie, there is a similar option to set a project to hide all of the tools. With this setting, students can interact with objects already on the page, like drag them around and add and edit text, but they don’t have access to all of the new object and paint tools. This feature helps teachers deliver formative assessments without the distractions of all of the tools Wixie has to offer.

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"Pencil only" setting in Wixie

Posted by David Wagner on Jun 1, 2021 8:03:00 AM

Sometimes, less is more.

Wixie now includes a feature that allows teachers to set a project to make only the pencil tool available to students. When the pencil only option is selected in the project settings, Wixie hides all of the tools except the color palette and instructions, helping to keep students focused on the activity that they are working on. 

Here are some examples of templates from the Wixie curriculum library that demonstrate how this feature will look in action.

Delete letters to form new words

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Wixie Update - December 2020

Posted by David Wagner on Dec 23, 2020 8:12:03 AM

2020 is almost over, but we are squeezing in one last (amazing) Wixie update before the year ends. Here's a brief description of what is new in Wixie this December!

Export projects as videos

Yes, you read that correctly! You can now download projects as videos to share on your classroom site, via email, or on social media, or even upload to your LMS like Canvas or Google Classroom.

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Wixie Update - August 2020

Posted by David Wagner on Aug 14, 2020 4:25:37 PM

To better support students and teachers as they are heading back to school, whether it be in person or from home, we have released another Wixie summer update. (Learn more about the first Wixie summer update.)

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Wixie Update - Summer 2020

Posted by David Wagner on Jul 22, 2020 10:42:44 AM

The summer update for Wixie has released! (7/31)

Like everyone else, the pandemic scrambled our plans and we had to rethink our development priorities. Based on feedback from our users last spring, we have put more focus on features and usability for a blended learning environment.

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