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An Update to the Wixie Log In Procedure on Tablets

Posted by David Wagner on Oct 5, 2015 10:58:47 AM

With the latest update to the Wixie app for Android and iPad, the account log in procedure has been changed.

The first time a user logs in on a device they will be asked to select their school or district.

On the second screen, they will provide their log in credentials.

The next time users log in to Wixie on their tablets they will be taken directly to the credentials screen.

This way, students will no longer need to enter their Wixie URL domain when logging into their devices.

If your school uses a different log in method than your district (for example, the district uses usernames and passwords and your school uses Google), be sure to select your school in the list and not the district. If your school is not listed, then select your district.

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