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Use Wixie to support at-home learning

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Mar 16, 2020 9:58:09 AM

With all of the school closures happening, here are some options for Wixie use to support at-home learning whether you:

  • have Wixie,
  • want to expand your Wixie use to additional grades
  • want to use it for the first time, or
  • are parents trying to support at-home learning.

We have Wixie, we just need more training to use at home.

Students can use Wixie at home, just like at school. Teachers can assign work to students, as well as view student progress and provide feedback.

If you already use Wixie and simply need to get more teachers and students aware of how to use it at home, we have collected some of the most frequently used training resources in this blog:


We have also created shared folders filled with documents and presentations you can use to create training materials customized to your needs.

Simply open the folders, find the files you want to use, and go to the File menu and choose Make a copy.

We don't have Wixie, but need a tool for at-home learning.

Use a Wixie classroom evaluation for 30 days to help you support at-home learning. Click here to set up a classroom account for up to 40 students: https://static.wixie.com/evaluation

We are parents using Wixie at home and need ideas

If your child uses Wixie at school*, they probably have a basic idea of how it works. First of all, just encourage them to play. Play promotes creativity and provides the intrinsic motivation they need to keep working.

*If your child doesn't have Wixie, sign up for a free trial account you can use for 30-days.

You can find resources for parents at: https://static.wixie.com/parents

Download the parent guide for your child's grade level to find ideas for language arts, math, science, and social studies!

wx_parent_guides_266-2-1We are also have blogs with 50 ideas for at-home learning with Wixie in:

Best wishes for safe, healthy, at-home learning!

The Wixie team


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