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Wixie and the COVID-19 coronavirus

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Mar 11, 2020 4:10:50 PM

Many of you have COVID-19-related questions and concerns.

The good news? Even if your site is closed, Wixie works online and will continue to work normally. Students can simply log in from home or the library to complete the work their teachers have assigned.

The data center where we host Wixie has a plan in place to ensure Wixie's continued operation. This includes a stockpile of critical spare parts for servers and contracts with redundant critical service providers.

*During the southwest blackout of 2011, the largest power failure in California history, the San Diego International Airport shut down, but Wixie kept running. Our systems are even more robust today than they were at that time.

If your students have devices at home, they can continue to use Wixie when they aren't at school. You simply need to make sure students know how to log in from home. Here are a few videos about how to log in to Wixie with:

Teachers can create assignments for students to complete at home. When teachers assign a template to students, the assignment shows at the top of each student's home page as soon as they log in.


Student work is saved automatically and teachers can log in to view student work so they can provide feedback and evaluate progress.

If you prefer to print instructions for students and teachers, you can access tutorials and guides in the Wixie Help. Simply log in to your Wixie account, select your profile icon, and choose Help. Then search for the directions you need.

If you are off-site, you can always ask questions and find answers to Wixie questions at our Wixie Answers site.

Stay healthy!

The Wixie Team

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