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Wixie Update - What's New in the 2022 Update

Posted by David Wagner on Jun 8, 2022 1:34:02 PM

Tech4Learning released another exciting Wixie update this summer. Here’s a bit of what you can expect to see when you log in to your Wixie account.

Get to know Wixie

Teachers have new options to help them successfully integrate Wixie into their curriculum. The Wixie 101 videos introduce Wixie, its features, and what you can do with it in the classroom. The Lesson Ideas provide new ideas for using Wixie on a regular basis as well as a library of lessons for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.


Finding your next Wixie assignment

We have made it easier for you to find your next assignment by splitting activities into Templates and Curriculum folders. The Templates folder has cross-curricular project starters and supports. The Curriculum folder contains over a thousand activities that can be assigned to help students with specific curriculum goals.


Teachers creating and sharing classes

Teachers can now create custom classes of students. This is useful for specialists that are pulling students from multiple classes.

If these teachers would benefit from access to all students, you can also simply share the entire class with them. (video)


New options for starting projects

The New dialog now includes additional options for starting Wixie projects.

The Organizer option opens a dialog with graphic organizer templates that students can use to start a new activity.


The Book option leads to a dialog that lets students choose from a number of story and informational text starters.


Book layout

Along with the new book templates is a two page book layout that uses a page turn transition to create digital eBooks.


Text dictation

A new microphone button on text objects allows students to add text to their projects by speaking into a microphone.


Hyperlink to pages

Objects can now link to pages in the project as well as to web pages. Students can create non-linear projects such as “Choose your own adventure”-style stories.


Complete button on the toolbar

Students working on assignments or templates have a button on the toolbar to submit their work and let their teachers know that they have completed the assignment.


Watch all the new options in action!



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