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Wixie Update - December 2020

Posted by David Wagner on Dec 23, 2020 8:12:03 AM

2020 is almost over, but we are squeezing in one last (amazing) Wixie update before the year ends. Here's a brief description of what is new in Wixie this December!

Export projects as videos

Yes, you read that correctly! You can now download projects as videos to share on your classroom site, via email, or on social media, or even upload to your LMS like Canvas or Google Classroom.


I am certain all the former Pixie users out there have lots of ideas of what they are going to do with this new feature.

Highlight text


Like bold, italic, and underline, you can now add a yellow highlight to selected words in a text object.

Minimize the video recording window


Make the video recording window smaller so that students can read the text they have added to their project.

Disable Teams for assignments


Collaboration is great, but some assignments are really better done by each individual student. Teachers can now choose whether to allow students to create teams when working on an assignment.

See all student assignment work


Students can create a lot of Wixie projects. Now teachers can look at just the projects that were created based on assignments. The new Assignments view on the Students page shows both the work students have started as well as the assignments they have yet to begin.

PS - Thank you to everyone who shares their ideas for ways we can make Wixie work better for them with their students. While we can't make every change, your input is greatly appreciated and results in a better product for all students and teachers.

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