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Wixie Update - Working with projects from multiple students

Posted by David Wagner on Feb 10, 2023 4:00:33 PM

The latest update to Wixie makes it easier to view and manage the work of students in your classes. This update allows you to see the work of multiple students at once and select some or all of these projects to print, merge, or add to the Showcase.

On the Students page, there is a new button on the Class toolbar that becomes active when you have created a filtered set of student projects such as a date range, assignment, or project name.


The Whole Class button allows you to see all of the projects created by students in the class that match your filter. Student names will show under their project.


The student list will also update to show you who has a project in the list and who does not. Students who do not have work done according to your filter criteria will appear disabled.

Wixie now lets you do a range of things to the list of projects you are looking at, including print them all, adding them to the Showcase, or combining  them into a single project.

Once you have a filtered list of projects, there is also a new option to select the projects.


The Select button will select all of the projects that you are looking at. Click a project to remove it from the list.


When the Select button is active, you will also see the Project Wizard button.

This button gives you options for adding the selected projects to a new folder in your Showcase, merging all of the selected projects into one new project, or printing all of the selected projects at once.



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