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Wixie Update - Zoom, Listen to Feedback, and more Project Settings

Posted by David Wagner on Dec 10, 2021 4:25:03 PM

We have one last Wixie update for 2021!

This update includes the two top-requested features from this fall: zoom and listening to feedback! Also, teachers now have a lot more control of how projects behave when they are creating templates.


Students can now zoom the page while they are painting.


When they switch out of painting, the page will automatically snap back to zoom to fit so they can edit text and objects.

Listen to Feedback

Students can now listen to text feedback from their teachers using the browser’s text-to-speech. This is great for the little ones who are still learning to read.


Project Settings

Each time we add a new project setting such as hiding all the tools, we get requests for more settings. So this time we went all out. We added 16 new settings to help you build the most awesome templates that you can imagine.


To explore the new settings, click the File menu and choose Project Settings.

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