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Using Wixie's Primary Interface

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Sep 16, 2019 8:25:13 AM

Wixie has two interface options. You are probably familiar with the standard interface since it is the default for all users. The Primary look is brighter, larger, and has a simplified feature set to make it easier for younger students to get started making their first projects.


Teachers can choose the Wixie interface that best matches the needs of their classroom and learners. You might want to consider using the primary interface if you are working with younger students or think your learners would benefit from a smaller set of choices.

What is different in the primary interface?

In order to make Wixie simpler to use, the primary interface has fewer options. For example, at the student home page, the new button (+ symbol) does not have a menu, but simply begins a new blank project in landscape mode.


The primary interface for the authoring application has larger, simpler icons. Options on the tools panel are also simplified. For example, there are no brush options and a limited color set. When a text object is added, the options are also reduced.

Click here for complete list of differences

Setting Wixie to the primary interface

To change the interface for you, and your students, log in to your Wixie teacher account. Select your user icon (small circle) in the upper right corner, and choose Settings from the menu that appears.

You can make your interface choice in the Look and Feel area.


Use the pull-down at the top of the Look and Feel area to change the interface for one or more of your classes. The interface change will take effect the next time students in this class log in to their accounts.


If you work with students at different grades, scroll down to the Student Settings section to choose a single student and select the primary interface for that particular learner.


Which interface should I choose for my learners?

If you and your students have successfully used the standard interface in the past, you may not want to use the primary version, since you have already learned how to guide your students through more tools and options. But if you have felt that Wixie was too challenging for some of your learners, then the primary interface may be just the option you need.

Find the Wixie look that is just-right for your students

No matter which interface your learners are using, we can't wait to see what they create!


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