Wixie and Share win 2011 BESSIE Awards!

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Apr 11, 2011 11:26:00 AM

ComputED Gazette included Wixie and Share in its 17th Annual Best Educational Software Awards. The Awards target innovative and content-rich programs and websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence. Wixie won an Early Elementary award for Multimedia Creation Website and Share won the same award for Upper Elementary.

2011 BESSIE Award

Wixie is Tech4Learning's web-based authoring tool which combines student authoring features like paint, text, and voice recording with teacher-based assessment and management options. Since Wixie works in the cloud, students can author anytime, and anywhere and share their work online immediately!

Share is Tech4Learning's answer to Pixie for older students. Share makes it easy to create interactive presentations, PDF and Flash® files, and web sites for classroom projects, digital portfolios, and more.

View the press release.

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