Wixie adds Virginia and Texas Standards...and some other things

Posted by David Wagner on May 31, 2014 8:37:00 PM

Today we released an update to the Wixie Teacher tools and Administration tools. The update adds the Virginia and Texas academic standards, several requested features, and has a number of performance improvements.

Here is what is new:

Virginia and Texas standards. The Virginia SOLs and Texas TEKS standards have been added to Wixie. Schools and districts can now choose which standards they want to show to their users on the Settings tab for the school or district administrator.

Select standards in Wixie

Teachers’ student standards view. In order to add the Virginia and Texas standards into the system, we changed the layout of the Standards view when teachers are logged in and viewing student work. We changed the view from a grid to a list letting users see the entire standards. 

Wixie standards view

Teachers’ student view. We changed the way student projects and standards are displayed to teachers on the Student tab. Previously, the projects and standards were in a scrollable pane within the page. This required users on tablets to use a two-finger drag to scroll the pane. Now the projects and standards extend the entire page, so users on tablets can scroll the page with a single-finger scroll. The student list is still a scrollable pane and continues to require two-finger scrolling on a tablet.

Teacher account performance improvements. As we approach the end of the year and students start to have lots of Wixie projects, we started to get calls about performance issues when teachers logged in to view student projects. We did a lot of work to make this page load faster. While we were at it we also made the Activities tab load faster.

Improved performance in Wixie

Improved student project list export. The spreadsheet export of student projects in the Teacher account now honors the selected filter for showing projects on the Student tab. Previously, all student projects were always exported. Now, if the teacher applies a filter (such as a Project Name of "All About Me") and then exports the student project list, it will only export the projects that match the filter. There will also be a summary sheet at the end of the exported Excel file that lists all of the exported projects, making it easier to export a list of student projects and grades for a single activity.

Exported list of student projects

Teachers can export a list of students with usernames, passwords, and public keys. On the Student tab in a Teacher account, there is now an export link to download a file that lists their students' usernames, passwords, and public keys.

Exported list of students

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