What's New - Wixie April 2024

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Apr 15, 2024 9:41:28 AM

New Wixie Content in April

Here are a few of the freshest resources you can use to enhance teaching and learning with Wixie this April.

Templates & activities 

Each month, the  Wixie  team adds new activities and templates and to the Curriculum and Templates libraries. This month, check out: 
Magic stickers 
Magic stickers are images that can change how they look, such as dice you can roll, clocks that change their time, and more.
You can find new activities, like:
For more templates featuring magic stickers, search   “magic sticker”  on your Wixie home page. 
New themed idiom books can help students identify and explain the meaning of this unique form of figurative language.
Search   “idiom”  on your Wixie home page to find even more thematic idiom books. 
Have you discovered the MadLib activities in the month-by-month folders in the Curriculum library.  
Check out these recent additions:
Search   “madlib”  on your Wixie dashboard for even more. 


Explore new lessons for Wixie connected to the Inquire and Think strands of the American Association of School Librarians Standards Framework. 
AASL Inquire: Think - Question
In the Think, or cognitive, domain of Inquire, help 'learners display curiosity and initiative' by formulating questions.
AASL Inquire: Think - Background Knowledge
In the Think, or cognitive, domain of Inquire, help 'learners display curiosity and initiative' by using background knowledge.
AASL Inquire: Think - Practice Inquiry
In the Think, or cognitive, domain of Inquire, help 'learners display curiosity and initiative' by asking them to think critically about a problem and solution.

Training Materials 

Use the updated Idea board with integrated hyperlinks to support self-paced Wixie training. Share the URL to this board and let participants choose the projects they would like to explore. 
Each page includes directions, links to templates they can use, as well as additional information in video, blog, and lesson plan format. 


We value your input! Feel free to submit your suggestions and ideas to help us continuously improve and tailor our offerings to better meet your needs.
Stay tuned for future updates!
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What's New - Wixie March 2024

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Mar 15, 2024 10:36:54 AM

The resources in Wixie keep growing. Here are just a few highlights to keep your students budding with new ideas.

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It’s time for March MATHness

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Mar 5, 2024 1:59:09 PM

Tap into student interest with a little March MATHness and add excitement and interactivity to your math lessons. Here are 10+ ways to get your students simply “mad” about math this March.

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What's New - Wixie December 2023

Posted by Tiffany Anderle on Dec 1, 2023 2:38:00 PM

Tech4Learning has been busy adding new features and resources to Wixie. Check out some of the new templates and the exciting learning benefits and features coming to Wixie this Summer!

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50 classroom activities for Middle School

Posted by Melinda Kolk on Jul 16, 2023 6:42:44 AM

Using a device to fill out a digital worksheet isn’t any more compelling than using a pencil to fill out a paper version. Encourage students to show what they know and capitalize on their interest in technology by creating digital projects on classroom topics using media formats that abound in the world around them.

This blog shares ideas for digital projects students can create in Wixie to meet standards and learning goals in middle school, whether students are learning at school or at home. The blog is divided into sections for:

• Language Arts
• Math
• Science
• Social Studies
• Arts & SEL

Each idea includes a sample and a text link to open a template you can assign as a teacher, or use as a student, immediately. The end of each subject area section also includes two products students can create with ideas for implementing that product in multiple areas.

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