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Software for student publishing and creativity.

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Online student publishing and creativity platform.

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Create animations, digital stories, and stop-motion.

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Create web sites, epubs, and presentations.

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Software for student publishing and creativity.

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Online student publishing and creativity platform.

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Create animations, digital stories, and stop-motion.

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Create web sites, epubs, and presentations.

Tech4Learning Blog
Tech4Learning Blog
Tech4Learning Blog
Tech4Learning Blog

Managing student work with at-home learners

Ideas for at-home 5th graders

Ideas for at-home 4th graders

Ideas for at-home 3rd graders

Ideas for at-home 2nd graders

Ideas for at-home 1st graders

Ideas for at-home Kindergartners

Use backgrounds in Wixie to give context to student projects

Celebrating and encouraging kindness with Wixie

Real World of Math: Show Favorite Sports with a Bar Graph

Wixie's Month-by-Month templates make it easy to integrate technology

Using letter writing to support literacy and curriculum understanding

Using Wixie to meet math standards in 1st grade

Using Wixie with a 6+1 Trait writing approach

Using Wixie to meet math standards in 3rd grade

Using Wixie to help ELL’s build literacy and master content learning

How to get started using Wixie with kids at home

Connect school to home by sharing student's Wixie projects

Wixie: Getting teachers to take the first bite

Meet ISTE Standards for Students with Wixie

Using Wixie to meet math standards in 2nd grade

8 reasons to migrate to Wixie

Using Wixie to meet math standards in 4th grade

Wixie ideas for October

Using virtual manipulatives to build number sense and math foundations

Five ideas for creative classroom centers

Wixie and the Real World of Math: On Top of Denali

Creating Wixie Templates from Scratch

Create and share custom curriculum in Wixie

Using the Template libraries to assign student work in Wixie

Using Wixie's paint tools to create a custom profile image

Jump start project work with the Wixie help tutorials

Get started with Wixie before a new school year begins

Transitioning to the updated Wixie

4 ways to round out the school year with Wixie

Wixie is the perfect tool for passion projects

Create a class memory book with Wixie

Meeting the NYC DOE Ed Tech Vision with Wixie

Create infographics with Wixie

9 ideas for blank-screen projects in elementary

Wixie ideas for St. Patrick's Day

Use Wixie for powerful Women’s History Month projects

Ideas to help you celebrate Seuss Day

First Projects for Primary: Cycles

First Wixie Projects for Elementary: Bookmarks

Creating Timelines with Wixie

Wixie and the Real World of Math: The Bead Factory

7 ideas for blank-screen projects in the primary grades

Use Wixie to keep students learning on snow days

Build digital-age communication skills with Wixie

Getting started using Wixie with your students

Build social and emotional skills (SEL) with Wixie projects

January project ideas to engage your students

Round out the year with Wixie

Make "scratch art" holiday cards in Wixie

Wixie ideas for The Mitten by Jan Brett

Use Wixie to help students learn to solve word problems

Visualizing homonyms in Wixie to help all learners build vocabulary

Get students thinking with graphic organizers

Connect elementary students to books with Wixie

Connect primary learners to books with Wixie

First Projects for Primary: Character Traits

Visualizing antonyms in Wixie to help primary learners build vocabulary

Use September holidays to get students learning with Wixie

Organize student thinking and ideation with a cluster diagram in Wixie

Create digital postcards with Wixie

Using Wixie to build phonics skills in 2nd grade

Support a UDL approach with Wixie

The Human Creation Station: Building New Knowledge with Constructionism

Create Mother's Day and Father's Day memories with Wixie

Use Wixie to engage learners in creating comics and graphic novels

Get students making for Earth Day

Wixie and the Real World of Math: Jungle Gym Geometry

Get started with Wixie: Word Problems

Implement Webb's Depth of Knowledge in Primary Grades with Wixie

5 reasons to use technology in your reading program

Wixie ideas for March

Get your students "into" their Wixie projects with a camera and green screen

Using music effectively in student project work

Literacy project ideas for February

Build vocabulary with Wixie

Wixie activities you can do with your child at home this holiday

Use Wixie to create online greeting cards

Get students started with Wixie using their Templates library

Using Wixie to meet math standards in Kindergarten

Use Wixie to build writing skills in elementary

Getting started with Wixie in a first-grade classroom

Getting Ready for Back-to-School with Wixie

Getting student data ready for Wixie

Wixie and the Real World of Math: Father's Day Ties

I want to be a Wixie PARCC Ranger

8 ideas for building comprehension with Wixie

Wixie and the Real World of Math: Mother's Day Flowers

Differentiating instruction with Wixie

Wixie and the Real World of Math: Post Office Problems

What is project-based learning (PBL) and why use it?

Wixie and the Real World of Math: Time Trials

Writing an effective grant that includes technology

Using Wixie to build essential skills for online testing

De-stress during testing time with Wixie's drawing tools

Designing differentiated instruction for the primary classroom using Wixie

Exploring Fairy Tales with Wixie

Create your own animated clip art for Frames

Graphic Organizers, Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and Wixie!

Making Wanted Posters in Wixie

Use Wixie with Facebook to connect students and the community

Using Wixie for Elementary Math Instruction

Using Wixie at all levels of Webb's Depth of Knowledge

3 ways to meet standards with Wixie

Reflecting and Goal Setting with Wixie

Developing Wixie student leaders

Meet the 4Cs with Wixie

Extend the learning day with Wixie

Build comprehension and thinking skills with graphic organizers

Back-to-school Wixie ideas for grades 4 and 5

Back-to-school Wixie ideas for grades 2 and 3

Back to school with Wixie: Get to know your students with All About Me Trading Cards

Back-to-school Wixie projects for kindergarten and first grade

Designing Trading Cards with Wixie

Project Ideas for May

Start "tweeting" your own horn

Project Ideas for April

Creative technology tools and writing across the curriculum

Make those Valentines even more meaningful

Wixie project ideas for February

What products can students create with Wixie?

Wixie ideas for December

What can you do with Wixie?

Wixie ideas for November

7 ideas for transforming your classroom with Wixie

Using Wixie to meet Common Core State Standards in eighth grade

Using Wixie to meet Common Core Goals in 7th Grade

Using Wixie in Sixth Grade Language Arts

Use poetry to build vocabulary and comprehension at all levels of language acquisition

Transport your students with chroma key

Great ideas for first animation projects

Using Special Characters in Tech4Learning Tools

Engage readers with creative projects during “Picture Book Month”

Move beyond the book report

Wixie project ideas for the end of school and all summer long

Motivate with Print Products in Wixie

Using Wixie in primary classroom computer centers

Build creative and analytical thinking with digital pattern play

Assessing PBL - "It's the process, not the product"

Use technology to support learners through all 5 stages of language acquisition

Create Rotation Tessellations in Wixie

Planning for projects at work or in the classroom

Questions that build expertise with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice

22 Ideas for Earth Science Week

Take Retelling to the Next Level

Using Animation and Digital Storytelling to Support Common Core

8 first projects to get students using technology

Your Team is a Gift!

Foster a culture of high expectations with Common Core Implementation

Create Reflection Tessellations in Wixie

6 tips for submitting sessions to education conferences

Creative software tools support Classroom Instruction That Works

Use animation to put some STEAM in STEM!

Use interviews to motivate, inspire creativity, and connect students to their learning

Creativity, Curriculum, and Digital Age Learning - Connecting to Literature in Math

Making posters session a success – attending or presenting

Five projects to engage digital learners

Using play to engage students and promote learning

Project-Based Learning - What age is best?

Back to School - First Technology Projects for your 21st Century Classroom

My last two weeks as an intern for Tech4Learning.

Open-Ended Questioning with Bloom's

Facilitate the Scientific Thinking Process

My First Two Weeks as a Tech4Learning Intern

Reflect Constructivism

Claymation in the Classroom - Great Memories

Project-based learning: essential questions and authentic tasks

Developing the questions for project-based learning

Connecting with Hard-to-Reach Learners Using Project-based Learning

Creativity in the Science Classroom

The 21st century classroom – where the 3 R’s meet the 4 C’s!

Science and Action Research in Your Classroom chosen as one of the top 11 tools for 2011!

Students learning from blogging--A 21st Century Trend

A Constructivist Classroom is a 21st-Century Classroom

Creating with technology is the hallmark of a 21st century classroom

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