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Wixie works on phones

Posted by Carolyn Daly on Jun 17, 2019 2:58:54 PM

With the Wixie update releasing at the end of this week, you will be able to use Wixie from your mobile smart phone!

Students and teachers can already access Wixie on Chromebooks, iPads, and Mac/PC devices, so is it really necessary for them to access it on their phones as well? Yes! Here's why. 

Teachers can use Wixie on a phone to support student learning anywhere, anytime

View student work wherever you have your phone

Watching your favorite show after dinner? Multi-task like your kids do and use your phone to view student work and provide feedback.


Assign work on the fly

At the grocery store when you remember you need to assign work? Or, perhaps you need to make a change to a template you have created while you are doing dishes? No problem. Simply log in on your phone and make your changes.


Create rubrics and checklists when talking with other teachers

Did you think of a new idea or way to share your evaluation criteria while talking to a teacher in the hallway or lounge? Pull out your phone and create or edit a Wixie rubric as you're talking.

Students can use Wixie on a phone to learn anytime, anywhere

Create Wixie projects on the go

Do you want an easy and portable way for students to document their learning on your upcoming field trip? Students can use their phones to capture images, and then annotate and add notes to remember and reflect on their experience.

Encourage revisions and reflection

Want to extend the school day? Let your students know you have commented on their Wixie projects and watch as they eagerly and immediately access Wixie on their phones before, during, or after school to see what you have written.


Share their projects with others

Have students who live for "likes" on social media? Have them copy and paste their Wixie project URLs and share with friends and family via text or on social media to showcase and celebrate effort and learning.

Pick up your phone and start to Wixie!

So, whether you are at school, on the bus, at home, or somewhere in between, you and your students can Wixie as you go. So, grab your phone, log into Wixie, and start creating!


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